How to Have the Best Self Care Morning Routine

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They say that the way we start our mornings can impact everything else in our day. How do you start your morning? Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do to get started with your day because, after all, it’s YOUR day. Here are a few ways for the best self-care morning routine:

Enjoy your favorite brew or tea

If you are someone who drinks coffee or tea to start your day, you know it’s somewhat of a ritual. If it isn’t, why not make it one? Take your time as you wake up to drink your caffeinated drink or gourmet K cups. If that means waking up a little bit earlier to have some peaceful moments enjoying your favorite brew, you’d be amazed at what those moments of silence can do for you as you get your day started.


Some people love to clear their minds as they start their day, and meditation can be the perfect way to set out on the right foot. Releasing tension and worry by calming your mind is one of the best ways to practice self-care. Whether you meditate with an online group or use a meditation app, this could be the ideal routine to incorporate into your weekly routine. Let’s face it, most of us are tense all the time and don’t even realize it until we try to relax; with meditation, we can devote a little time each day to wind down.

Go for a run

Some people find that movement in the morning is beneficial. You could join a gym or do some yoga, but a run out in nature can be an especially helpful way to provide you with energy for your day while also helping you enjoy taking care of your body.

Put your favorite music on, make sure you have reliable running shoes, and head out for a self-care routine that will benefit you in more ways than one.

Listen to a podcast

Whether you put makeup on before work or cook your breakfast, a podcast can be a great addition to your morning routine. Whether it’s a self-help podcast or an educational podcast that teaches you about things you want to know, what better way to get your day started than to learn something new or remind yourself of important factors that can make your day go better.

Whether it’s Lewis Howes or Matthew Hussey you love, put on your preferred host to accompany you as you start your morning routine. Hey, nobody is stopping you if you want to listen to crime podcasts to start your day!

Write in your journal

Spending time expressing your feelings and thoughts on pen and paper can benefit your overall mental health. Holding things inside doesn’t do anyone any good, so consider using your journal to start your morning and let go of anything that could affect your day.

If you’re working with an online therapist, you may have homework to write about, but if not, a journal is a great way to start your day feeling centered with yourself.

In Conclusion

Starting your day the way you want to and that makes you feel good will help you throughout the day. Things happen, but if you know that you have control over the way you start your day, it can make all of the hiccups a little easier on you.

From journaling to exercising or simply listening to a podcast in the shower, there are various ways you can start your day with self-care habits that make a world of difference in your state of mind and success in life!

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