How To Handle Hair Loss Properly

How To Handle Hair Loss Properly #hairthinning #hairloss #balding #beauty
How To Handle Hair Loss Properly #hairthinning #hairloss #balding #beauty

Thinning waistlines are good. Thinning hairline? Not so much! But, balding is completely natural— 75% of men deal with hair loss or balding of some type. It’s genetic and Mother Nature is in full control over it. Don’t panic! There are several remedies to slow the hair loss process. Here are five ways to save your hair. (Image Credit: FreePik)

Accept It!

48% of the male population are losing their hair. Yet, balding has developed less of a negative connotation. Being bald has become cool and even the worlds of fashion and pop culture have opened their arms to the sleek, hairless look.

Shave It!

Asking your barber to keep your hair short on the sides and back minimizes the appearance of thinning hair on the crown. If the scalp is balding on top, make sure the sides are cut short to reveal an equal amount of skin — providing balance. Growing hair long highlight the top is thinning. Long hair only reveals less hair on top of the head.

Grow It!

A healthy full beard or goatee can take the attention away from the top of your head back down towards your face. A cool amount of facial will distract from the fact you are losing your hair.

Avoid It!

Hair care products may cause the hair follicles to separate, causing the hair to clump together and reveal the scalp. When using hair products, use a tiny amount to control the separation. Dry your hair, style it, and then apply a light spray to maintain the style desired.

Leave It!

Drugs, creams, and plugs, leave them alone! These products cannot produce the results desired, due to the fact they are not strong enough. Save your money and visit me at Beverly Hills Hair

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