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Blush Mark is a great online fashion retailer that specializes in making fashionable and affordable clothing for women. Not only does Blush Mark sell all the basics, but they also sell a large variety of colorfully patterned dresses, rompers, and skirts. To celebrate the Summer/Fall 2020 season, Blush Mark has come out with an all new line called Staycation: Take Two. This new line has some amazing, yet inexpensive items that make a perfect addition to any gal’s closet. Some of the best looks from the new line are showcased below.

So Lady Like Yellow Midi Dress

Up first is this beautiful yellow midi dress. The coloring and style makes it a great look for both summer and fall, depending on what accessories and shoes you pair it with. In the summer time, pair it with some strappy sandals or short heels. In the fall, it’ll look wonderful with a pair of tall brown boots.


What really makes this dress stand out is its flowy material. The sleeves fall off the shoulders and land right above the elbows. The bottom of the dress is a bit asymmetrical, which gives the dress a unique look. A matching ribbon around the waist ties the dress, and the entire look, together for a beautiful finish. Wear this dress on the beach, out with friends, or on a romantic night on the town to show off your style.

New Romance Red Dalmatian Print Romper

Another fashionable Blush Mark summer favorite is this dalmatian print romper. Even though this romper has the classic short-short bottom, the ends of the romper are so frilly that it looks more like a short dress. In fact, there are two layers of ruffles that help to make this romper look so cute. Of course, the spotty pattern and pink-red coloring doesn’t hurt either.


As for other great features of this romper, it has a cute heart-shaped neckline. The back of the dress is open, other than two crisscrossing straps that make a sexy X-shape. There is also a zipper down the back of the dress that can make it easier to take on and off. As a final adorable touch, there’s even a small bow in the back. All in all, it’s pretty much impossible to wear this romper without being the cutest one in the room.

Angel in Disguise Mustard Yellow Floral Print Skirt

Some people might be under the misconception that something “mustard” colored needs to be ugly, but this Angel in Disguise skirt would prove all of those people wrong. The main mustard coloring of the skirt pairs wonderfully with the white floral pattern. Little daisy-like followers vine across the skirt. The darker-than-usual coloring for floral patterns also makes this skirt match with a wide variety of fall colors and clothing items. Pair the skirt with tan boots or soft white sweaters to make this cute look a little cozier.


Matching Tops and Pants                            

There are a few new tops in the Staycation: Take Two collection. Some of the most notable shirts include a one-shouldered crop top, a long-sleeved black crop top, and a flowy short-sleeved deep v-neck white crop top. While all of these shirts are very different in their designs, they can all be paired well with many of Blush Mark’s other fashions. This includes their new comfortable gray sweatpants with drawstrings. These pants are great for lounging about or exercising in. Either way, you are sure to be comfortable while wearing them.


Final Thoughts

The Staycation: Take Two collection by Blush Mark makes extraordinary fashion affordable. If you want to buy any of these fashions, or other fashions offered from Blush Mark, you can check out their website here. For brand updates, you can also follow the company on Instagram @blushmarkofficial.


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