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Most businesses, especially when they start off small, need to implement key marketing strategies to grow said business into something successful and sustainable. This is true even for law firms! (Image Credit: CQF-Avocat/Pexels)

One might assume that lawyers have no shortage of business, and depending on the type of law firm you have, that may be true, but for many lawyers, especially those just starting out or just creating firms, you may need an extra nudge or two to engage with the local community and get your name and reputation out there. Utilizing marketing strategies to attract new clients just makes good business sense. It is a mistake to think that just legal expertise and a handful of clients is enough to make a successful firm. You also have to invest time and a little money into marketing. 

So how does a fledgling law firm employ the best marketing strategies, relying on their reputation and experience, rather than flashy advertisements or over-the-top, heavy-handed PR? While still engaging with tried and true marketing strategies that really work? It’s easier than you think! 

Engage With Local Businesses

The first step to getting your name out there is to engage locally with those businesses and individuals with whom you’ll be rubbing shoulders in the community – your potential clients, as it were. This is true whether you’re practicing at a law firm in the big city, or have a one or two-person operation in a small rural town. The idea is the same – get on the level with people and show them you care, that you are here to serve them. Once your firm is established in a certain locale, make it a point to get around town, engaging with the locals, patronizing other local businesses, sponsoring local sports teams and events, taking the time to get to know the people you encounter. Show your town that you support them, and they’ll think of your firm when the time comes that they need support. 

Invest in Advertising

Further to this, some good old-fashioned local advertising never goes amiss. You don’t have to be heavy-handed – just a well-placed advertisement with a clear picture in a local newspaper or college magazine will bring in clients. If the budget allows, you could invest in a billboard or park-bench advertisement, pay to have your advertisement displayed on local websites and/or apps, invest in some branded merchandise with your logo, create business cards to leave around local businesses, and more. One creative way to advertise while also giving back to the community is to sponsor events and local teams/groups – you’ll usually get a logo or advertisement on whatever merchandise they produce, and you’ll be getting your name out into the community while also helping local institutions that need your sponsorship. It’s a win-win. 

Host an Event

Other creative ways to get your firm’s name out there is to host an event – why not celebrate the opening of your firm or a new locale by having an “open house”, whereby you serve locals in the community coffee and pastries, chat to potential clients, and let everyone leave with a business card and small swag emblazoned with your logo? 

Offer Pro-Bono Services

If you can afford to, a great way to generate good PR is to offer pro-bono or heavily discounted services to those in the community who need it the most. Not only will you be helping others, but it’s good marketing for your business. 

Outsource Your Marketing

For those lawyers that don’t have time to devote to tons of marketing (after all, you’re busy representing your clients), marketing for lawyers does exist, and it can be a really great idea for a new firm. Outsourcing your marketing ensures that experts in PR and advertising will handle every aspect of marketing for your business, utilizing all the tools at their disposal, including social media, online reviews, email marketing, SEO optimization and search engine marketing, lead tracking and a great deal more. These experienced teams of legal marketers will grow your business both locally and nationally. It’s well worth the money. 

As a lawyer, you might think that word of mouth and a good reputation is enough to grow your business exponentially – and over time, that is likely true. However, to get your foot in the door you need a healthy dose of good old fashioned marketing. Whether that comes in the form of social media engagement, advertisements, SEO, or plain old engaging with the locals, are up to you (we recommend all of the above). Once you begin to advertise your legal services, you’ll see how beneficial it is to use marketing to attract potential clients and gain a foothold in your locale. 

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