How To Custom Upgrade Your Ford Ranger

How to Pimp Out Your Ford Ranger with These Custom Upgrades #fordranger #customize
How to Pimp Out Your Ford Ranger with These Custom Upgrades #fordranger #customize

Aftermarket upgrades are a great way to customize your truck. The Ford Ranger is one of the most popular performance 4×4 trucks on the market right now, and it offers a lot of upgrade potential so that you can create the optimal performance and the perfect look for your truck. No matter what you have in mind, there’s an accessory, aftermarket kit, or another performance upgrade that can give you even more to love about your Ranger. Keep reading to learn about the most popular custom Ford Ranger upgrades. (Image Credit: Caleb/Unsplash)

ECU Remapping

You can purchase a remapping tool to help modify all of the components of the engine control unit (ECU), which is responsible for things like fuel economy and performance. This process needs to be done very carefully, and if you don’t have the appropriate skills and tools, it could lead to serious trouble. With this tool, you can head to your local performance shop and have them recalibrate everything for performance and power, or whatever else you have in mind.

Performance Exhausts

If you’re into power, rather than off-road agility, there is a selection of performance exhaust systems available for the Ford Ranger. These exhaust systems feature a variety of configurations and performance improvements, allowing you to get what you want out of your new exhaust system. You can even choose one based on noise levels, pipe style, and other features.

Side Steps and Rock Sliders

The Ranger is designed with a higher ground clearance to keep up with Australian terrain conditions, and therefore, a nice set of side steps could go a long way in helping you get in and out of your truck. Not only that, but rock sliders and side steps are going to add a unique design element to your truck that stands out and gets people’s attention. Function and a chance to show off your cool car? You can’t go wrong.

There are so many aftermarket options available for the Ford Ranger and for a good reason. This 4×4 is a leader in the Australian market, and it has a lot of potential for various activities and adventures. Check out all of the available upgrades, including suspension kits, protection gear, and other accessories. You’ll find the perfect pieces to pimp your ride, no matter what you have in mind when you’re in the market for Ford Ranger upgrades and aftermarket conversions.

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