Tom Ford Gold & Black Style

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Fashion icons make their name with their unique use of color and style. One common color combination used by the Tom Ford brand and designs is black and gold. The high contrast between these colors help to make the designs shine and draw the eye of anyone who is near. Below is the perfect outfit to match some exquisite Tom Ford accessories.

Pink Turtleneck Sweater

Starting off this outfit with some much-needed color is this pink turtleneck by Givenchy. This sweater hugs the curves loosely, making it both comfortable and stylish. For the most part, there is not a pattern to this top. However, both the cuffs, neck, and bottom border of the shirt have vertical lines. With the lack of pattern, this shirt stands out for its color above anything else. This matches wonderfully with just about anything.

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Drape Mini Skirt

Next up is this side drape skirt by Alexandre Vauthier. This skirt shines without adding even a speck of gold. Plain black cotton fabric with dazzling minuscule glitter details gives this skirt a glitzy sparkle effect. The skirt rises just above the hips and ends shortly after the buttocks. It is longer in the back than the front; this is due to its side drape and wrap-around design. A short drape falls in front of the dress, which is reminiscent of a skirt one might wear to the beach on a warm summer day. Instead, the dark coloring makes this a better look for a fun night out on the town.

Skirt by Alexandre Vauthier. BUY NOW!!!

Gold Knot Heels

Finally, it’s time to get to the first of the Tom Ford items in this article. The Tom Ford knot-detail sandals are truly what make this outfit. The gold-tone helps to make this shoe shine. Even with the 4.5-inch high heel, these shoes are still comfortable. Tom Ford accomplishes this by making the lining and sole of the shoe out of 100% leather. Of course, it’s the knot detail that makes this shoe stand out most. The braided golden knots, paired with the straps near the top of the shoe, have a great contrast together. This shoe is sure to have your friends asking for style tips.

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Diamond Embellished Watch

Moving away from Tom Ford for a minute, but staying with the gold theme, comes the Cartier Panthere yellow-gold watch. This design was first created by Cartier in the 1980s and yet it seems timeless. The background pattern is resonant to the art deco movement, which stood out for its angular patterns. With there being no numbers on the watch face, nothing can distract from the beautiful background. It’s also clear to see both the frame and band of the watch are embellished with jewels. All in all, this is a stunning statement piece that cannot be ignored.

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Black and Gold Leather Clutch

Last but not least is this mini clutch, again by Tom Ford. This clutch has unique coloring, in that is looks black in some lights and gold in others. It is made of a gold-colored leather that has an alligator-like pattern. Apart from the leather, there are some gold-colored TF adornments to show the brand. There is also an extra gold chain, which could be used to hold the clutch, but is not necessarily, as there is also a leather wrist band attached. This clutch helps to bring the outfit together and complete the look.

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Final Thoughts

This is the perfect look for a special night out. Whether you’ve got a hot date with your husband or are spending some time with the girls, this outfit will keep you looking great all night long. You are sure to shine like the stars above when you wear any of these black and gold garments.


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