How To Flaunt Your Style With A Diamond Chain

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When it comes to accessorizing, a woman’s jewelry would initially come to mind. Among all the precious stones, diamonds a no-fail piece. They aren’t called a girl’s best friend for no reason. Diamonds are timeless and stunning jewelry that can be worn as part of women’s everyday style.

With various types of diamond jewelry, the diamond chain has been a trend. It’s a versatile piece that can accentuate your basic looks and even your formal attire. It looks graceful and elegant, irrespective of your ensemble. Also, it can help you look more put together and powerful, especially with the right style for you.

Accentuate Your Style Using A Diamond Chain

Because of its shiny look and material, you might wonder how you can play around and coordinate this gem to your personal style. To guide you, below is a quick guide on flaunting your style with a diamond chain.

  1. Layer Multiple Chains

One easy step to style your outfit with a diamond chain is to layer them altogether. When purchasing, choose adjustable chains to create and play around different lengths. This will assure you that the chains won’t get tangled and messy once you stack them.

If you can pull it off, try to arrange multiple fine diamond chains. You can also put a pendant on your 4mm diamond necklace to update its look. However, if you’re not used to layering diamond pieces, see how two, pencil-thin chains suit you.

Alternatively, freely pair your diamond chain with your favorite necklaces. For instance, if you have a necklace with an intricate pendant and fine jewelry with dainty details, try to stack it together with your diamond chain. This simple arrangement can go about anything in your wardrobe as long as you use chains and jewelry that match your outfit. 

  1. Pair Patterned Garments With Sleek Chains

The next method to express your personal style with your diamond chain is to play around with contrasting elements. For instance, if you’re sporting printed shirt, heavily stitched dress, or clothes that have busy patterns, choose to wear your subtle diamond chain. This balances off the look and showcases your diamond chain without overdoing it.

If you want to adorn your wrist with jewelry, use the same rule and wear a classic, simple bracelet or watch. Take note that busy patterns and simple jewelry help tone each other’s striking looks.

On the other hand, if you have a bright, colored diamond chain, choose to pair it with a simple shirt, dark pants, and your favorite sneakers. Typically, men would wear their chunky, diamond chain with a black top and denim jacket to showcase a street-style, edgy look.

If you’re going for something flirty and feminine, you can pair your 4mm diamond chain with an off-shoulder ruffle top or a halter dress. Style your hair in a bun to highlight the beauty and aesthetics of your diamond necklace. Sporting a simple and light outfit will surely help you look luxurious even if you’re on a budget.

  1. Factor In Your Skin Tone

Apart from consulting your outfit, another method to wow your peers with your diamond chain is to choose a color that highlights your skin tone. If you have a darker complexion, silver is a standard stone that can illuminate your skin. On the other hand, if you have an olive skin tone, see how women’s gold chains complement your complexion.

  1. Consider The Color

The next step toward flaunting your style with a diamond chain is to take inspiration from the color of your outfit and pile chain links that either complement or add contrast to it. In this way, you can build visual interest in what you’re wearing. For instance, if you’re heading out to a disco-themed party, wear your glittery dress with your silver diamond chain. Repeating the same elements in your outfit allows you to sport a cohesive ensemble. 

Apart from your outfit’s color palette, you can also try to pair your diamond chains with other colored gems. You can consult the color wheel and see which colors are opposite to each other. As an example, warm colors look visually pleasant when paired with cool tones. Hence, if you have a red dress, adorn your neck with a blue-plated diamond chain.

Moreover, if you have amber earrings, you can wear them together with the same blue-plated chain. Unless you’re going for a flashy ensemble for a social gathering, tone down the look by not wearing any bracelet or watch.

Color psychology believes how colors represent a certain vibe. For example, red exudes fiery power while the presence of blue induces a relaxing feeling as depicted by nature’s colors. These representations allow them to blend well with each other.


There are several, creative ways to express your style with your diamond chain. By following the steps above, you can have an idea of how to approach the styling process and create an ensemble you’ve envisioned. 

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