“Uber” for Private Jets

"Uber" for Private Jets - JetSmarter
"Uber" for Private Jets - JetSmarter

JetSmarter, known as the “Uber” for private jets, is a mobile marketplace that offers instant pricing and availability for flights worldwide, allowing users to charter a private jet from any location at the palm of their hand, without speaking to anyone. By cutting out the middle man, this service takes the private air charter process into the future with simplicity and ease.

JetSmarter is the unique free to download app that provides users access to the largest private jet marketplace in the world. With a business model that aims to democratize the aviation industry, JetSmarter has partnered with over 3,000 independent air carriers around the world whose availability and GPS location is displayed on the app for users to view and book when seeking a private jet. Through this process, users are able to book their own jet in seconds. In addition to fair and reasonable prices, JetSmarter offers “empty leg” deals, which are extremely low priced, last minute flights.

The company also offers a membership program for frequent fliers, which is similar to an airline’s loyalty program and provides numerous benefits including, free empty leg flights, 24/7 customer support, access to exclusive events, concierge service and loyalty points that covert to dollars at certain thresholds.

The membership lasts for a year, and comes with a variety of benefits for its users. Similar to an airline’s loyalty program, members receive discounted pricing on flights, 24/7 customer support, access to exclusive events ranging from Oscars’ after parties to grand openings, concierge service and loyalty points that convert to dollars at certain thresholds. Also, with the “empty leg” program, you’ll find that members can charter a private jet for FREE, while regular users would have to pay a normal price. You can fly for up to 50% lower rates! With the help of proprietary technology, all of the Aircraft Operators allow JetSmarter to optimize their “empty leg” flights, which leads to cheaper fares for you and more efficiency for them.

"Uber" for Private Jets - JetSmarter

JETSMARTER is unlike any other private jet program!!!

…Here are the traditional programs out there:

Jet Cards typically represent a 20%-40% premium over Jet Charter. Flight time is purchased in 25-hour blocks, which are then deducted for each flight. These programs often charge a premium on a per-hour basis compared to purchasing a fractional share, but unlike fractional ownership, a Jet Card requires no long-term commitment (though most Jet Cards are not refundable).

Jet Fractional Aircraft Programs allow you to purchase a share in a wide variety of aircraft. The main difference between a fractional aircraft program and a Jet Card is ownership and equity in an aircraft. So although you pay operational cost when you fly, the amortized value of owning a portion of an aircraft, makes this option significantly more expensive than Jet Cards and Jet Charter.

Jet Charter is usually the most cost effective option of the three, and allows the consumer to pay on a trip-bytrip basis. Although this may seem like a good alternative, consequently customers give up Reliability, in some cases Safety, and more importantly Transparency. Brokers earn more money by being less transparent with customers, and more often than not Operators need to be held accountable by a third party to maintain reliability and a high level of service.

JetSmarter is NEITHER a Jet Card, Fractional Program, or Charter Provider!


EMPOWERING YOU, the Charter Customer, with tools previously only available to private jet companies. These other companies use these tools to earn large margins on you and dictate what airplanes you fly on. Now you can be in the power seat and choose from thousands of airplanes and hundreds of operators. Make the industry compete for your business! Allowing only the SAFEST and most REPUTABLE Air Carriers into their System, you can trust JETSMARTER with all your jet aircraft needs.

For more information, please visit www.JetSmarter.com.

"Uber" for Private Jets - JetSmarter

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