How To Find The Right-Sized Basketball Hoop

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Basketball has become a sensational sport that, even if you are not a professional athlete, can be an excellent way to burn calories while having fun. Depending on where you stay, having your own training or playing space can be more convenient than using your local gym or playing ground. 

Finding the right-sized basketball hoop can be challenging, especially if you are in the market for the first time. Getting a hoop that is the right fit would need hours of research that can bear no results when the buyer doesn’t have the right information. To help you get more into this sport in the comfort of your home, Mega Slam Australia selling fixed-height basketball rings, have prepared this guide with all you need to know to find the right-sized basketball hoop for your outdoor space.

Consider Your Hooping Location

The first thing you need to consider is the location you want to install your basketball hoop system. With unlimited options available, you need to ascertain your hooping needs. Whether that is to shoot hoops for fun, play competitive games of 3-on-3, 1v1, or practise team drills. Having a clear goal and an understanding that these needs can change will help you ascertain what hoop size best suits you.

You can either dedicate a space for a full-court or half-sized court size or incorporate the basketball system in your driveway. Remember to keep your safety and of others a priority in this process when selecting a play area. In most cases, installing a play area on your street should be avoided.

The Type Of Basketball Hoop

Now that you’ve understood your playing needs and the size of your playing area, it’s time to consider the type of hoop that can fulfil them. Generally, your basketball needs are categorized under three types of hoops which include:

  • In-Ground – This is the more permanent option in this list and is suitable for families that are looking to have the playing space for generations to come. This can be the best hoop if you have a dedicated space in your backyard or a separate garage. Confirm if you are legally allowed to install a permanent structure depending on where you live just to avoid inconveniences later on in the process.
  • Mounted – Whether it is on a structure or the wall of your house, wall-mounted basketball hoops are incredible, especially if erecting an in-ground hoop is impossible. The hoop is usually incorporated directly into the structure without needing a pole to stand on its own. They also have a limited adjustability mechanism that is critical if the playing space is not as much.
  • Portable – This is the best option for places that are not dedicated fully to playing ball. It could be the garage or the driveway. It is the most flexible, and there are a ton of options for different budgets in the market to cover different player needs. They are fitted with wheels to help them move easily whenever their use is needed.

They have a highly adjustable height that allows for different player levels and player sizes. For these hoops to be secure and stable, the portable hoops come fitted with bases of up to 42 gallons that are filled with either sand or water to help improve the experience and safety of the players.

The Size Of Backboard

Different hoops come with backboards of varied sizes, which can accommodate specific playing needs. A backboard size of 72” width is the regulation standard, but 60” or 56” are accepted for training purposes but not for professional games. A bigger backboard can allow players to hoop adequately, perform layups and other complicated types of shots. 

In our selection, you have choices between MegaSlam 60 and MegaSlam 54, which range from 54” suitable for training. If you are looking for a more pro system, we have 72” MegaSlam XL and MegaSlam 72”, which boast a rotating rim to give you maximum playing efficiency. You must also remember that the thickness of the backboard can influence the feel of rebounds and play in general. Our systems have a ½” thick backboard.

The Backboard Material

The material of your backboard will highly influence the pay experience of your basketball hoop system. Typically, there are three types of backboard material; tempered glass, acrylic, and polyethylene. Our systems come with a ½” thick tempered glass backboard. This backboard offers the most realistic rebounds meant for a pro-level basketball game. Tempered glass backboards are the more durable material of the three, and you get a lifetime warranty in case it breaks.

Height Adjustability

The height of your hoop system will also affect the play experience. Most reputable basketball ring sellers have a selection of adjustable height systems, which can be great for families with younger players. These systems allow you to adjust the size up to 5’’ or 6’’, which can be a great way for your kids to learn how to dunk safely.

The Rim Type

To find the best size for your outdoor basketball hoop system, understand the type of game you look forward to having and how the behavior of the rim can affect that. We can categorize rims into two; flexible and rigid. We provide systems that have 180 degrees flexible rims that are built for dunks and more rough plays. Similarly, we have Collegiate Flex Rims that are incorporated into our mounted hoops allowing for a single pivot.


You should also take into account the durability of your system when looking for an outdoor basketball hoop. If you are in an area with heavy rains or unfriendly weather conditions, getting a mounted hoop or a portable one can be ideal for prolonging your system’s service. Similarly, our in-ground hoop systems provide the guarantee to last you for generations to come with all weatherproof equipment that is set to give you a lifetime of good service.

Getting the right-sized basketball hoop for your outdoor space doesn’t need to be complicated. The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding something that suits your needs regardless of your budget or playing needs.

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