4 Things People Who Earn $100,000 a Year Do

4 Things People Who Earn $100,000 a Year Do #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #successfulpeople #highearners #growyourwealth

Six-figures may feel like a long way off from your current job, but it is becoming more commonplace in our ultra-driven, hyper-ambitious society. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to earn a lot of money, the desire to grow your wealth can sometimes obscure your vision and prevent you from achieving your goals. Rather than solely focusing on the numbers in your bank account, you should think about what a lifestyle of high earning really looks like for you. Practicing these four things successful people do will help you cultivate a more fulfilling life that you’re proud of.


Those who earn a lot of money don’t get there by doing nothing nor by doing everything. They identify their goals and determine exactly what steps they have to take in order to achieve them. This requires a willingness to sacrifice and trade-off things that they may want but do not contribute to their current ambitions. Each morning, write a list of three absolute must-dos that you have to achieve during the work day. Leave anything else out of your mind until you have enough free time to fully address it. You should also get more comfortable with saying no. It is okay to set boundaries and turn offers down, even if you would like to take them up. Prioritizing is really a matter of committing yourself entirely to what you want to achieve and not allowing anything to get between you and your vision.

Know When to Work and When to Rest

Sometimes, you have to put in extra hours to get what you want. Entrepreneurs are not compensated when they’re planning their business, and many don’t even collect a paycheck after its opened. But they keep pushing forward and apply themselves when they can. However, a work-or-nothing mentality is toxic and will leave you burnt out, unfulfilled and unmotivated. Rest is important because it helps you remind yourself that there is more to life than work. Wealth comes in many forms, including close relationships, meaningful experiences and hobbies you enjoy. Don’t forget to invest yourself into these areas as you cultivate a life of abundance.

Challenge Themselves Professionally

High earners have a go-getter attitude that inspires them to always increase their knowledge and skills. You may have a business degree but want to start a consulting business to legal firms. In that case, you could look into borrowing a student loan from a private lender to cover the needed costs. Whatever degree path you consider, earning more money requires constantly evolving yourself and sharpening your abilities.

Practice Gratitude

Although many people may strive to earn a good income and live comfortably, successful people also appreciate what they have. They consider the money they earn a bonus to their lives, not the center of it. Make sure that along the way, you stop to smell the roses. Realize that your life is still valuable and worth appreciating whether you earn $10,000 or $1,000,000 a year. There are several reasons why gratitude is helpful for your wellbeing. Being grateful toward yourself also encourages you to apply yourself more in the future. When you express gratitude toward your own mind, your own ambitions and your own skills, you are more likely to apply them to benefit your life.

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