How to Choose the Perfect Skincare Products For You

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In the 21st century image is everything and the first thing that defines you is your appearance and in particular, your face. These days you only have to turn on the television or open your social media account and you will be bombarded with adverts and promotions for every type of cream and lotion that promise to help you achieve the elixir of eternal youth, or simply to hide any blotches or blemishes. The problem is, however, that most people do not understand which skincare product suits them best in the beauty industry. (Image Credit: Fleur Kaan/Unsplash)


Luckily, help is on hand as here we are going to take a look at how to choose the perfect skincare products for your skin.

What Type of Skin do You Have?

The first question that needs asking is what is your skin type? The main three categories are oily, dry, and sensitive and all require a different approach when it comes to choosing the best product. Oily skin requires a product containing alpha-hydroxy acids which are effective at controlling excess sebum production, and if you have dry skin you are looking for something that includes shea butter and lactic acid as these ingredients are excellent at providing hydration to the skin. Finally, if you suffer from sensitive skin then you should look at something that includes aloe vera and oatmeal as these are excellent moisturizers and will not result in any untoward reactions on your skin. 

Do a Patch Test

It is important that before you try any product on your face you conduct a patch test on a non exposed part of your body, just to check that you do not have any serious reactions. For example, if you have dry or acne exposed skin you do not want to be using a product that is suitable for oily skin as it is likely to provoke a reaction, you are actually looking for serums that contain soothing ingredients. So, carefully check the products first because often the ingredients list can be confusing and you cannot be 100% sure what you are applying to your skin. 

Know Which Ingredients to Avoid

Many unscrupulous manufacturers will include certain ingredients in their products even though they know that they may cause problems for some people, and the reason that they do this is usually down to economics. It is therefore important to be aware of creams that include things like parabens, added sulfates, and any added fragrances. In fact, fragrances can be a real issue for anybody that has sensitive skin as they can cause allergies, and sulfates can add to the effects of dry skin as they strip it of its natural oils. The lesson of the story here is always to read the ingredient list first, and to avoid any product that has anything in it that might affect your skin.

Hunt For Good Ingredients

On the flip side of the above point, there are many ingredients that you should actively be seeking out as they have proven benefits to your skin. Glycerin should be the basis for all products and if you are looking for moisturizing effects then search for lotions containing hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Anything with added vitamin C and vitamin E will act as an antioxidant and can help restore sun-damaged skin especially if they are found in the same balm. Retinol stimulates collagen and vitamin B3 is great if you are looking to control the oiliness of your skin. So, keep a beady eye out for these products when you are scanning the shelves of your local pharmacy and you will help to keep your skin looking glowing and healthy.

Be Careful of Essential Oils

In this day and age, we are obsessed with everything natural, and it is rammed down our throat at every turn that we should only be using natural products that are kind to the environment. Whilst this is true in 99% of cases, it is important to be wary of products containing essential oils as often these products can damage your skin even if they are natural. The main reason for this is that they are found in highly concentrated quantities that will end up causing damage and irritation to your skin. So if you see a high percentage of essential oils in any cream or balm, then be very wary.


As we have learned, when choosing the perfect skincare product it is vital that you know your skin type inside out and that you test any new lotions or serums on an exposed part of your skin first. Make sure you read the ingredient list thoroughly and know which ingredients will benefit you and which are likely to cause damage to your particular skin type.

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