Why Having An Intimate Wedding Makes Sense

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When we are little, we dream about having an extravagant wedding. But now that you are an adult, planning a wedding needs a lot of consideration, including money and time. If you’d rather stick to your realistic plan, there is nothing wrong with that! An intimate wedding will be as good as your “wedding of the century” that you’ve envisioned. (Image Credits: Analise Benevides/Unsplash)

Today, we made this guide with six reasons why an intimate wedding makes more sense than ever! Continue reading to see if this type of wedding is for you.

You Can Save Money And Put It Towards Your Future

This is the common reason why couples opt for intimate weddings. Big weddings are spectacularly expensive. It is not really ideal to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for just a day when you can save that money for your future. Cutting down your guest into half (or even fewer!) can save you a lot of money that can be allotted to your honeymoon, house downpayment, cars, or even for your future kids. Run Away With Me wedding planners say you can go for small wedding packages that will give you your dream wedding without breaking your bank account. Don’t worry because an intimate wedding doesn’t mean it is going to be plain and boring.

They Are Less Stressful

Have you heard many stories about bridezillas? Wedding planning is nerve-wracking and extremely stressful. Managing your guest list, finding the venue, and coordinating with all the vendors need your full attention and can definitely eat up all your time. Planning a wedding with 20 guests is undeniably less complicated than planning for 100 guests. The planning process will be more painless, and you’ll find yourself less anxious about your wedding. And let’s be honest, you will also have fewer people to please.

You’ll Have More Quality Time With Your Guests

Your wedding should be a celebration of your love with your loved ones. Having an intimate wedding means you can have more quality time with your guests. You can spend more time talking, asking for advice, and having fun with them. They will feel like they are a part of the union and not just spectators. With fewer guests, you will have less pressure on trying to thank everybody. There are also fun games you can play with your guest like:

  • Wheel of Fun
  • Lawn Games
  • Reception Table Games
  • Bride and Groom Trivia

It Can Widen Up Your Options

Without having to cater to many people, you will have more options on where and what to do with your wedding. Intimate weddings offer flexibility since you don’t have to accommodate a lot of guests. You can also go all out with your food and drink choices. You can also focus on all the details and what you really want. Do you want a food station instead of catering services? Or do you want a wedding in the woods instead of a pavilion? It will be all your decision, and the sky is your limit!

It Is Relaxed

Believe it or not, most brides can say that their wedding day goes by in a blur. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your special day. By having an intimate wedding, you can ensure that your schedule is more relaxed so you can savor each and every moment. With just a few family members and friends, you will be more comfortable with everyone. Besides, there are fewer chances of something going wrong. Your special day will be a feel-good moment for everyone.

Your Wedding Will Be Solely About You

One of the most stressful things about being a bride or a groom is other people’s expectations. The thought of having to make sure that they like everything. When you invite a lot of people, they will have comments and opinions about your wedding that aren’t really positive. An intimate wedding allows you to invite guests that really knows you and cares about you, and wants you to be genuinely happy. You can spend your wedding, savor every moment of it, laugh, and cry without worrying about how to accommodate people. The ceremony is solely about the start of being a husband and a wife.

An intimate wedding may be different from a traditional wedding, but it can be equally memorable and glamorous. We hope that you’ll have a better understanding of this guide and see all the advantages of having an intimate wedding. Remember that no matter what wedding you choose, it will be about celebrating the love of two people who found each other. Have a unique, beautiful, and happy marriage!

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