How to Choose the Most Stunning Jewelry Piece

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Attending an important event requires careful planning. You need to think about what outfits and styles are suitable for the event, what clothes or jewelry you have to buy, and what jewelry will look astounding with your get-up. It is essential to know what pieces of cross bracelets are most appropriate for each occasion. You can’t wear the same set of jewelry to every event you go to. If you are not sure what to do, we will help you figure out how to choose the right pieces of jewelry so you will look stunning at any important event.

Statement vs. Subtle

If you are going to a work-related event, should you wear your statement necklace? The answer is no. Jewelry shouldn’t always stand out and be eye-catching, especially for conservative events like a funeral. For formal occasions such as weddings and balls, you need to have a statement piece that will draw attention to your outfit. Necklaces are excellent statement pieces, but if your dress doesn’t leave room for a necklace, then opt for another statement piece. If you will wear your hair up, aim for a classy and elegant pair of earrings.


Earrings go with every style and occasion. However, you need to match them with what you wear regarding style and color. Simple yet elegant earrings add glamor to your dress and complement the rest of your jewelry. Sapphire earrings, silver diamond studs, and the latest design of gold earrings pair well with black, blue, or cream dresses. Avoid wearing statement earrings as they distract from the neckline area where the statement should be worn.


Necklaces are essential to achieving the classy and elegant look you want. A necklace can make or break your outfit and that’s why it should be considered carefully. Check the neckline of your dress and look for necklaces that will compliment it perfectly without being too small or too big. Necklaces with large gemstones or chunky stones with bright colors such as red or pink are great for formal events where you want to have a bold look. The shape of the neckline dictates the shape of the necklace as you will need a V-shape or Y-shape necklace for a V-shaped neckline.


The most important part of rings is their stone. The ring stone is a huge factor in which rings to wear with different dress colors. Diamond or platinum rings go perfectly with black dresses for an elegant look. Emerald stones are more suitable for yellow gold dresses while aquamarine rings complement all formal wear well. You should experiment with stones and dresses to find the right combination that works for you.

How to Choose the Most Stunning Jewelry Piece #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #jewelrypiece #emeraldstones #rightjewelry #gemstones #elegantlook #statementearrings
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Choosing the right jewelry for your important event depends on your style and what impression you want to leave. There are known combinations of jewelry that work well with certain outfits, but nothing is set in stone. However, the basics are the same, and wearing too many statement pieces will make your outfit “too much”. The right balance will ensure that your outfit will look chic and elegant and one which you’ll be proud to wear. Always remember not to overdo it as in many cases more is less.

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