How To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

How To Become A Nursing Assistant (CNA)? #health #careers #medical #jobs #nurse #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine
How To Become A Nursing Assistant (CNA)? #health #careers #medical #jobs #nurse #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

If you are thinking of starting out at a career in nursing in the future and believe that you have what it takes to do the job, then the ideal first step to move forward is to pass the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) test. Now, we all know that this is not the easiest certification to earn especially considering that the health industry, understandably, has a strict code of conduct and is very particular when testing individuals for entry into the healthcare industry.

What is the CNA practice test?

The CNA tests are in high demand everywhere in the world, hospitals and nursing homes require people to take care of their patients before, during and after the clinical procedures and treatment of patients. The certification is not just limited to the certification exam, rather it is obligatory upon the candidates to learn the craft, develop understanding and take the mandatory education that serve, practically, as the prerequisite to the CNA exam.

The job of Certified Nursing Assistants is to provide all patients with basic healthcare services in nursing homes and hospitals. Some of the tasks that they perform are listed below:

  • They help in transferring patients from wheelchairs to their beds and vice versa. They are also responsible in moving patients when needed.
  • They are responsible for the cleaning and general care of the patients.
  • They help patients in dressing up and, when they have to toilet.
  • They have to feed the patients.
  • Take and check the patients’ vital signs.

How to start my career as a CNA?

You need to acquire adequate education regarding the required knowledge, the practical work and the challenges on field when you work as a CNA in the future. Once you complete the learning and education phase, you are required to appear in the CNA exam and pass it. You must however, take the exam seriously as it is quite difficult and brings together all that you have learnt in your education in one final test.

To earn the certification you need to pass two separate, yet equally important, exams. The first part of the exam is usually the written test where your knowledge as a possible CNA is tested, while the second part of the exam deals with the more practical aspects of the job and is called the Clinical Skills Test. Passing both these tests is mandatory in order to be called a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

There are several ways to prepare for the exam however you can attend the CNA classes in community colleges, nursing homes, hospitals and trade schools.

What are the topics that are covered in the CNA exam?

There are a number of different facets to a CNA’s job and the testing pattern and system has been organized in such a manner that it does not miss out on any aspect of the job that has to be performed as a professional CNA. We have broken them down, and mentioned some of them, for your ease and comfort so that you can prepare and learn well before the exam.

How To Become A Nursing Assistant (CNA)? #health #careers #medical #jobs #nurse #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

More Info:

1. Basics of Nursing

As a nurse, you must be able to perform all of the functions that are required for the job. The test ensures that the individual is adequately tested about his basic nursing skills. This is a vital portion of the test because nurses are responsible for the care and safety of patients, they need to have the skills to correctly note down weights and patient’s vital signs etc. No matter what the situation or setting, a CNA must be ready to perform these tasks.

2. Cultural Differences, Ethics and Spirituality

Another major challenge that upcoming nurses face is with the diversity of patients that they need to deal with. It is imperative that CNAs educate themselves about the different cultures and religions that exist in the society, and, more importantly, learn to co-exist with them in the workplace. You will have to be sensitive to the beliefs of the people and make sure that their spiritual needs are being met as they want it to be.

3. Client Rights

As a nurse, you definitely do not want to end up in any form of legal trouble. To avoid any such unforeseen event the certification exam requires all aspiring candidates to educate themselves about the rights of anyone who comes under their care as a patient.

4. Mental Health Needs

Caring about and being sympathetic to patients is basically half of the job. CNAs need to be at the patient’s side in times of grief and try to talk to them in order to relieve some of the emotional stress that they may have developed. Similarly, a nurse can share a nice warm moment of happiness with the patients especially if it helps in their fast recovery.

5. Being on Healthcare Team

A nursing assistant is a vital part of a healthcare team, they know danger or signs of any serious problem way before anyone else can realize partially owing to the fact that they spend a lot of time with the patients themselves. Since they work under the supervision of superiors their input means a lot when treating patients.

6. Daily Activities

The major part of the nurse assistant’s job is to help patients in their daily activities, such as bathing, feeding, and dressing etc. Efficiently performing these tasks is extremely vital to the everyday job of a CNA.


After reading this article, it must have become clear to you that earning this certification is definitely not the easiest thing on the planet. It requires its share of learning, concept-building and exam preparation. Without giving your fair attention to educating yourself for the exam, it is impossible to come even close to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

If you keep the above mentioned topics in your mind and remain level-headed, then there is absolutely no reason why you won’t win and ace the CNA practice test.

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