Best Violet Voss Makeup Products

Best Violet Voss Makeup Products. BUY NOW!!! #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #beauty #makeup #shop #eyeshadow #violetvoss
Best Violet Voss Makeup Products. BUY NOW!!! #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #beauty #makeup #shop #eyeshadow #violetvoss

You may be aware that Violet Voss contains some of the highly popular eye shadows. They have just nailed it. Their shimmers work flawlessly and their mattes blend seamlessly to create the looks you desire. I personally have no concerns regarding this brand. I wish they make more palettes so that I can get them. I already have four of their palettes namely Holy Grail, Nicol Concilio, Ride or Die and Laura Lee. I use these palettes to create diverse looks. Let us have a look at these eye shadow palettes and find out which one is the right for you!  

1Holy Grail Palette

This Violet Voss palette is certainly the most sought-after palette. It features the best burgundy and brown color scheme which works for everybody. It would definitely beat the Huda Rose Gold Palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette.

If you like neutral brown eyes with a little color and shimmer, this eye shadow palette would work perfectly for you. It contains colors which let you create looks which can transition easily from day to night.

2. Ride or Die Palette

The makeup palette is exactly how its name Ride or Die suggests. With as many as 42 shades, a makeup lover gets everything needed to create the desired look. Finding this kind of palettes is rare and this palette has not just different shades but they are superior quality too. Though it comes with a bigger price tag, it is worth what you pay for it!

Using this Violet Voss palette, it is possible to create almost anything from a orange sunset eye to a dark smokey eye. Here, you can find a wide variety of shades to be able to create diverse looks. It is a palette for those who like to try different colors all the time.

Best Violet Voss Makeup Products. BUY NOW!!! #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #beauty #makeup #shop #eyeshadow #violetvoss

3. Rainbow Palette $30

 This particular Violet Voss palette is quite different from others. These contain wearable colors and the Rainbow palette has a great pop of colors. As I have not used this palette, it is difficult for me to rate its performance. However, I have seen the palette and know that the shades are shimmery and pigmented. Though there are not so many colors in this palette, its pans are quite big and that makes it worth $30. It would be definitely my next purchase! It is the right product for those who want to add a pop of color to their makeup collection.

4. Taupe Notch Palette

This Violet Voss palette is perfect for the traditional makeup people who like brown. It contains an amazing blend of metals, mattes and shimmers so that it works for anybody and everybody.

A good thing about this palette is that while there are so many brown shades, they differ from each other a lot so you get a great variety of shades even when they belong to the same color family.

5. Matte About You Palette

I am personally not in love with this palette as it contains all mattes and I am a fan of shimmers. But, I am sure there are lot of people who love matte shades and this palette is going to be a favorite of them. It is difficult to get a palette with all the matte shades and this makes it so unique.

I love this palette for the unique brown tones and an impressive number of orange shades. Moreover, there is even a black tone which is quite important in any palette. In short, this palette is a good one for matte lovers.

6. Nicol Concilio Palette

Initially, I did not feel like getting this Violet Voss palette because I did not find it different from those I already owned. However, I later realized that I was wrong. This palette is packed with orange shades which I love personally and that was pretty awesome. Palettes generally have one or two transition shades. But this palette has around six matte shades with orange undertones.

Moreover, shimmers in this Violet Voss palette are quite unique and interesting. While some of these are simple shimmers, others are special with duo chrome effect making them unique to this brand. Those who love gold tones or oranges should find this palette a great choice!

In short,  Violet Voss is sure to be one of your favorite eye shadow palettes. I love it and I am sure you will love it too, no matter what color your eyes are. You can purchase it online at the Violet Voss website at discounted prices or order from other online market where you find affordable Violet Voss makeup products.

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