How to Appropriately Style Transparent Glasses

There really is no restriction in how you can style transparent glasses, also popularly known as crystal glasses because they are transparent and therefore can readily match any color. They are indeed a great choice for people who cannot decide on what color to choose, or who prefer glasses that would go with anything and anyone. Everyone can style transparent glasses – they are the ideal unisex frame. They are very basic yet unique – you can easily style it depending on your style. (Image Credit: Shop WearMe Pro)

It might seem a little tricky to style transparent glasses. If a person knows well enough how to style them or try different approaches to show them off, then a great way to start is to determine which shape of the glasses will go perfectly with the face and at the same time know the different colour spectrum.

 Knowing the color spectrums for transparent glasses is a side benefit to know because they can provide a diverse range of mixing and matching possibilities for the person to get the effects they would like to have. Some individuals would like to have their glasses to be highlighted whereas others prefer to blend them with that of the color they wear. All of this varies on how you choose to style and showcase your transparent glasses.

Transparent glasses not only can be your everyday prescriptive or non-prescriptive glasses, they could also accentuate the preferred style of a person. It allows the person to own glasses that are useable thus giving them a fresh and new look with each wardrobe change.

Styling Transparent Glasses

The shape of the frame

A major element for styling transparent glasses is to find the perfect frame shape which best complements the facial structure of the person. The simple rule of thumb to get the right frame is to go with face’s opposite form. People who have a round face should go for transparent glasses which have a square or a rectangular frame. Getting frames with a rectangular angularity will make the shape of the face appear a lot slimmer and long. For those people with a square-shaped face, round frames can help in softening and balancing the features of an angular jaw line. In addition, to bring out all the features of the face, like that of the cheekbones, a diamond-shaped face needs to have transparent glasses that emphasize the upper part. It will be simpler to showcase the style of the glasses as well as their own once the person discovers the right frame for both the face and the transparent glasses.

It is an accessory

Transparent glasses can feature as an accessory which complements almost any outfit, regardless of whether they be prescription or non-prescription. Even though you may not use them every day, they are still nice for special occasions to add a special touch to an ensemble.

As will all accessories you can also go from low end to high quality designer options, and even though there are a range of options from Versace glasses own brand creations, it’s important that you choose the ones that suit you and your style. Accessories are personal choices and not something other people should have input on. You can even match your transparent glasses to your other accessories and feel amazing about your choices.

One of the good things about having transparent glasses is that they are clear, which means that anything can go with it. It all varies, of course, according to what the person tries to achieve when wearing transparent glasses. They are just like scarves, berets, or earrings that you can choose whether you will be wearing it in certain settings.

Transparent glasses are indeed an excellent addition to other accessories like hats. People who are fond of wearing hats with their attire can now match them with their transparent glasses that gives them a new contemporary look to the person or adopt a fashion trend. Furthermore, it is another way for the transparent glasses to reflect color without the need to change them or color coordinate it with their clothes.


If you would like to showcase the transparent glasses, one way to do this would be to wear lighter colors that accentuate these glasses’ transparency. A clothing’s lighter color shade can make the glasses more visible to the eye because it will appear in it original colour. When the glasses are matched with lighter hues, the angles of the frame become much more evident to the observer.

Now, if a person decides to wear a darker-colored outfit, be aware that transparent glasses give the illusion of whichever color they wear. Color assimilation generally takes place on the side of the transparent glasses, rendering it a lighter effect on the color being worn while still keeping the front frames clear. Although with darker tones reflected, the transparent glasses still retain their original color. In this case, a benefit of wearing transparent glasses is that they can easily match any color and yet still leave the impression that you have plenty of glasses to modify your wardrobe.


Makeup, particularly on the eyes, adds greatly to how the styling of transparent glasses should be. The eyes are much closer to the glasses, affecting the appearance of the glasses when color is added. It would either offer additional depth or a trace of color in its original color.

 Using softer eye shadow tones or eye liner prevent the eyes of over-powering the transparent color of the glasses; making the glasses the focal point. Women could still wear their makeup without having to give up using their cosmetic products while still keeping the lines of their frames visible.

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