Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret- Leggings

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Knowledge is power in the world of showbusiness—knowing great places to get the best eats, stylists who give the best advice like which type of leggings to wear, and hidden spots where you can hang out without being discovered by the paparazzi. 

But there’s one secret that’s best kept between us: how to stay comfortable on the go, but still look fabulous just in case a paparazzi sneaks into the show.

The secret’s none other than… leggings. 

Leggings nowadays are not only worn on gym day. They became a fashion staple ever since celebrities were spotted sporting their leggings casually in different places. What makes lifestyle leggings all the rage?

All The Celebs Are Doing It

Well, first of all, we learned last year that Kim Kardashian has found her favorite lounge leggings, and it’s a no brainer that people would want to emulate the style queen.

Not only that, but many stars have found the answer to the perfect legging fit in Kelly Nishimoto’s Cute Booty Lounge. On top of an already enormous number of styles to choose from, stars have also commissioned Kelly to make limited editions for special occasions. 

Then, it becomes a cycle. When someone asks: Hey, where did you get that? And the influencer answers that Cute Booty Lounge made it especially for them—the next thing you know, everyone’s wearing leggings from the same high-quality brand. 

They’re Super Versatile

Another reason that everyone, including celebrities, can’t get enough of leggings is that most people are always on the go. 

When you need to run your errands, pick up the kids at school, go to lunch, and then hop on a movie set, there are very few clothing comfortable and stylish enough for every single one of those activities. Active leggings are your greatest weapon in seizing the day.

What’s even better is you can choose active leggings with pockets to store your phone, keys, or other items you want to keep safe while juggling various activities.

Secrets About Leggings You Should Know

What makes leggings so intriguing? It’s the techniques and ways of wearing them. Here are some ways of  pulling off any type and how they can flatter your body.

  1. For Cute Booty, it’s the pockets. You already know that leggings make your behind look fabulous. Take it up a notch with the Cute Booty scrunch pockets, making your booty look extra appealing and luscious. Not every pair is created equal—these are specially designed to make your butt pop.
  2. The French tuck. This technique makes your outfit look sophisticated. Tuck your shirt in at the very front, and let the tails hang out the back. It adds polish to the whole outfit and balance to your silhouette.
  3. It’s all about layers. After you’ve done your French tuck, throw on a jacket, and voila! That’s how you layer up an outfit to give it more oomph. Add on a cute pair of socks and boots, and that’s how you pull off a casual, layered outfit. 
  4. Another piece of apparel that celebrities wear to look stunning is some good-quality high waisted leggings. A cheap pair sits below your belly button, not giving you the lift and tuck of a high waisted pair. High waisted ones extend the look of your backside, making your bum look even better. And you can also pair high waisted leggings with cropped shirts for a quick, simple, and cute outfit.
  5. Sometimes, people don’t even notice you’re wearing leggings when you’re in fact, wearing them. They can be made to look like pretty much any other pair of pants you like. If celebrities can commission their leggings to look how they want them to, why can’t you? There are so many different styles of leggings out there, and the possibilities are endless. They can be made to look like jeans or leather, or you can also get a pair of joggers that look dressy. You can even get them in any pattern you possibly want. Leggings really are the universal clothing item.

Our takeaway tip? Make sure you know exactly the kind of leggings you need, whether they’re for an active, lounge, or dress-up occasion. That’s how you get the pair that’s perfect for you.

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