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Fitness Expert Kathleen Pagnini
Fitness Expert Kathleen Pagnini

Seven Secrets to a Sexy Silhouette

“Ok, they have been able to send a man to the moon for quite some time now, so is there something I am missing?  You would think they would invent ‘Sculpt a Woman’ or ‘Health and Wellbeing for Women’ where you simply take a pill and voila!”… said a friend of mine recently.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that song and dance…seriously, I used to think the same thing!

I thought about it so much in my fitness career that I have come to this conclusion; we already have everything we need, to have anything we want in this life. The question is how badly do we want it?

Well I must’ve wanted it pretty bad because, after spending 30 years in a duo career as a Merrill Lynch Financial Analyst by day and Fitness Guru by night, I decided to drop finances and stay with fitness.  Perhaps it had to do with something that over which I had control..

So today, from all that I have learned and all that I will learn, this is my best answer to that question…

Slow Down the Aging Process ��������� Forever with Replenish.

First of all, we DO have pills to make us thin and surgery to fix abstract features or shapes.   As we get older we still have pills to fix those aches and pains and diapers to wear when we cough.  But all of those things have such physical and emotional side effects that we really never regain the youthfulness we crave.  Instead we become crippled and servants to their promises.

If there are a slew of ‘human’ brains in one room to figure out how to send a rocket to the moon, can we possibly entertain the fact that one individual brain can potentially exhibit at least a ‘smidgeon’ of that kind of brain power alone?

I like Star Trek….a show about the future.  Funny how besides their beastly and widely accepted facial differences, none of them appear to have a weight problem. Sure there are a few attitude problems within Starship Enterprise, but no one really seems to be obese.  Unless of course, they happen to come in contact with planet GOODTOBEFAT where it’s part of the social culture; they are usually welcome to beam on over.

So I thought maybe Star Trek is the generation that reaps the benefits of the latest scientific research on the human species encompassing body, mind and spirit.

I know that may sound quite far off to you, but is it really?  I know that just like the scientists who got together to launch a rocket is not so far off to our own brains amazing power.

If this is at our fingertips, have we just become extremely lazy in hopes that someone will also think for us???…. Yes, I believe so.

If you’re one of those who want to take your own destiny into your own hands then I have a few secrets to share with you that will get you on your way.

The Seven Secrets to a Sexy Silhouette

Your Sexy Silohuette
Your Sexy Silohuette

Secret number One:  Understand that the brain controls the muscles, both voluntary and involuntary.  Most of our brain functions in ‘automatic’ or involuntary fashion… Only a small part is used for voluntary or manual control. Loss of “brain connection” means loss of body control. Practice a perpetuation of high quality, purposeful movements with a clear focus and happy thoughts. This practice will soon disengage the old neuropath ways which no longer serve you. Soon the new connections will lead you straight towards your hearts desires.

Secret number Two: Know what upholds you. What do you hold true and dear to your whole being?  What motivates you, gives you inspiration and hope? Always keep it in the forefront of your thoughts and never ever let it slip away. If you don’t, you will have more bumps in the road, end up on some side street and will have to start all over again.  This is what makes you UNIQUE and will help guide your true purpose in this life.

Secret number Three: You must know where you stand; outside as well as inside your body.  Do you know where your spine is? Behind you like a thin broomstick or in the middle of your body like an apple core?  How does that help you stack up?  Understanding proprioception will help you move gracefully and purposefully. I see a lot of women walking around with a heavy step, not knowing really how to carry themselves from the inside out. This is crucial for an authentic walk, talk and a riveting presence.

Secret number Four:  Limit what you verbalize. Know how to articulate your thoughts with eloquence and great meaning.  No unnecessary babble, its way too exhausting and you must save your energy for your passion. Always accept the opportunity to listen before you speak.

Secret number Five:  Accept all that you are and then you won’t be waiting for others to accept you. We carry ourselves according to how we think. Choose wisely. Think only confidence, gratefulness, positive, happy and interesting.

Secret number Six:   Move forward in your thoughts, never backwards. Encourage the good neuropath ways in your brain. This will set you up for a lifetime of optimal movement and unlimited personal achievement. Practice your voluntary movements, simple every day movements with mindfulness. The more you practice purposeful movements with a clear intention, focused and happy, the higher quality your movement and actions.

Secret number Seven: The last and most important secret to a sexy silhouette is… you guessed it; a complete understanding of you, your true core, your authentic self. If you don’t have a clue how to maintain a well-toned inner core and pelvic floor, you’re in a canoe without a paddle.  Why? Because if you work on discovering the power of your inner core and the gifts a strong pelvic floor contains, then secrets one through six will be a piece of cake.

The inner core and pelvic floor, an involuntary muscle group is under a different neurologic control than your voluntary muscles. To access this part of your brain requires focused intentional movement with a clear image.  You cannot change your body without first changing your brain. We cannot look at an old concept in a new way until we are shown how.  Most people do not know they need help with their core until noticeable outcomes surface, like protruding lower abs, leaking or incontinence, falling organs, back pain and decreased sexuality, depression, lack of hope and indifference.

The pelvic floor and inner core fire together. They activate involuntarily and in unison. The pelvic floor plays a crucial role for a coordinated triggering of all movement. It is key in shaping your body from the inside out. It is the ‘rigging’ that connects your inner core to your outer core.  It increases your ability to move with efficiency and grace by automatically putting your joints into an injury free position and ready for dynamic movement.

The pelvic floor changes your posture and alignment by pulling everything up and in.  This in itself creates a more toned silhouette, perky bum and flat tummy.  It holds up your internal organs taking the pressure off of your joints.  You become lighter on your feet, and once again access the feeling of your youthfulness.

Everything starts working better starting with your brain, improving clarity, focus, and attitude.   You become increasingly mobile, independent and free from fad diets, pills, pads and surgeries.

There is no limit to our brain and body capacity once you understand how they work together!

Star Trek Enterprise has learned the ultimate in brain/body connection. As they have seemed to streamline the efforts of maintaining health and vitality.  It’s only a matter of time, awareness and integration before we also jump on board the Starship Enterprise with our own silhouette.

The sexy part?  Oh, you already have that… you just have to believe it yourself.

Self- confidence, a sexy silhouette, positive attitude, timely coordinated and efficient movement will be riveting to all you meet, but by that point… you won’t care.

I will help you on your journey to experience the secret to your beautiful sexy silhouette from the inside out.

And together we will rock the world!    La Dolce Vita!

by Kathleen Pagnini

Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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