Guide For Picking The Right Jewelry For Each Occasion

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Most people own some jewelry that they love. Whether it’s a special family heirloom or a simple necklace purchased for yourself, you’ve likely got some pieces you just can’t live without. In fact, it is estimated that over $260 billion is spent on jewelry each year worldwide.

Since so many of us love it, you’d think it would be simple to pick the right item of jewelry for every occasion. Sometimes, though, you just want a few tips on what pieces are suitable for different events. In this article, you will find these tips! Read on for a detailed guide on picking the right jewelry for each occasion.

A Brief History of Jewelry

If you head back around 6,000 years to ancient settlements in the Mediterranean and Iran, you will find the first discovered pieces of Jewelry. These settlements, like the ancient Egyptians who followed them, were the first to use Jewelry as we know it today. Their statues and royals were covered in necklaces, bangles, head dresses and more. Most of the jewelry of these times was seen as spiritual or religious, with many pieces having astrological or god-like designs to them.

As you move through to more modern history, due to the crusades taking place, jewelry in the western world became a sign of nobility and power. These pieces were discovered as trade opened up with the east and far east, meaning that only the ship captains and royal families were able to get hold of proper gemstones and jewelry pieces. They deliberately kept jewelry from common people as a way of asserting their power and status. Luckily for us, this is no longer the case!

As we move into our modern history, jewelry is more accessible than ever. You do not have to be a royal to wear a gold ring or a pearl necklace! As this jewelry store in Baltimore shows, the choices are vast for everyone these days. There is something for everyone out there, with affordable diamonds through to expensive statement pieces. If you love jewelry, there’s something out there for you.

Meaningful Pieces

Many people wear jewelry that is meaningful to them. Of course, the most common examples of this are engagement and wedding rings. But, there are many people who wear other meaningful pieces such as family heirlooms in the form of necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. A personalised necklace would also definitely fall into this important category. These pieces form part of your character and are often worn every single day. Unless there’s any reason not to wear them, you can actually build the rest of your jewelry style around these pieces. Let’s take a deeper look at the other jewelry you might choose to wear…

Everyday Jewelry Staples

Your everyday staples include your meaningful pieces. For example, you may have a gold signet ring passed down from your grandparents and parents. This piece is likely something you’d choose to make part of your everyday wear, which is great. If you want to add more to your daily wear, it’s worth trying to match the style. Stick to lots of gold-colored pieces to match with the ring, or get similar gemstones in your earrings as the inlay of the signet ring. This can make your everyday jewelry look special.

A Special Party

When going to a big, special or formal event, you might want to expand on your daily wear; after all, a special party is a night for showing off a little! When dressing up for a glamorous event, you should choose your outfit first. This way, you can make sure the necklace you choose suits the neckline.

 A high neckline may suit a choker or short necklace, whereas a low neckline would be crying out for a long line necklace. Again, match this piece with some nice earrings and even a bracelet to complete the look. Matching accessories at a special event can change your look from simple to stunning!

Jewelry at Work

Unfortunately, in some professions, most jewelry is not allowed. In healthcare, for example, many practitioners need to be jewelry-free below the elbow, to aid with hand sanitizing and minimize the risk of jewelry carrying bacteria. However, if you’re working in an office, sales, or customer-facing job, you probably still want to wear your jewelry!

Again, rules can be different from company to company, but that’s fine. Take note of what your company suggests on jewelry, then make it your own. Take your daily wear and rotate your extra pieces. Keep the standard rings, for example, that you wear every day, but mix it up with different earrings daily and simple, smart necklaces to finish the look. You don’t want too much “bling” at work, so opt for minimalist, neat pieces to look smart and sophisticated.

Your Wedding Day

The wedding day is all about that diamond ring. It’s probably best to shed all other jewelry from your hands when enjoying that special moment at your wedding. This puts all the focus on your lovely engagement ring and the wedding ring to follow it. However, this doesn’t mean you should be bare everywhere!

Assuming your engagement ring is diamond – though this advice works with any gemstone – dress the rest of your outfit with diamonds too. Again, based on your wedding dress’s neckline, choose a statement diamond or clear-stoned necklace to set it off. Plus, add some sparkly earrings to complete the look.

Seasonal Items

Seasons change and style changes with them, so it’s important to have a rotation of pieces for summer and winter events. For example, in winter, you’ll probably be much more wrapped up, so big, sparkly statement earrings might be your choice of show-off piece. In summer, you’ll dress down a little with lower necklines and more exposed skin, meaning you can choose more long necklaces and bangles. In summer, color wins, as the season is full of light and floral happiness. In winter, stick to silver, gold, and clear stones.

Jewelry can and should be worn every day, with small tweaks helping you feel suited to any occasion. Enjoy your jewelry, show it off, and share it with those you love by wearing it daily. Whatever the occasion, jewelry can make a huge difference.

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