Great Tips To Start Cycling

Great Tips To Start Cycling
Great Tips To Start Cycling

Asking a person this question might seem stupid, but it’s far from silly. You see, so many people are turning to cycling as a means to keep fit. And, they have good reason because it’s one of the best ways to boost health. The thing is it isn’t as easy as it sounds to jump on a bike and hit the road. There are plenty of features you have to consider beforehand to get the most out of cycling as an exercise. Plus, there is the safety aspect of being on a bike. So, before you pull on the tight Lycra uniform, it’s essential to ask, ‘do I have everything I need?’ Here are the important things to contemplate for any wannabe cyclist.

What Type Of Cycling?

Yep, there is more than one form of cycling. Most people know about road cycling as they see people trudging up and down the main streets. However, there are other types such as mountain biking. As the name suggests, mountain biking is a far more extreme activity that takes place on rugged terrain. As a result, it requires additional gear that you wouldn’t need on the road. The same also applies to road cycling, which is why it’s vital you make a choice before you set off into the distance. The last thing you want to do is take a road bike up a mountain!

What Type Of Bike?

Once you make a decision on the type, you have to make a decision on the bike. Cycling along a trail on a road bike is almost impossible, and cycling on the roads with a mountain bike will hold you back. The best option is to sync the bike with the form of cycling. The only problem is choosing the bike which best suits your needs as is there is a lot of choices. For mountain bikes, you can go online and visit online sports stores for more info. Or, if you are still not sure you should check out these best mountain bikes as it’s hard to go wrong with this guide. The same applies to road bikes.

Do I Have The Correct Safety Equipment?

The answer to that question tends to be no, especially if you ask a novice. Cycling seems like a basic sport, yet it isn’t basic at all when it comes to your safety. As a cyclist, you’ll either be on a remote trail far away from civilization or share the road with two-ton cars. Because of these scenarios, it’s vital that you do everything you can to limit the damage. That means packing emergency supplies and a first aid kit if you are tackling a mountain, and wearing a high-vis jacket if you’re on the roads. Whatever your poison, never forget to wear a helmet.

Will I Have The Energy?

You won’t if you don’t eat before you cycle, and eat properly too. There is no need to carb load like Chris Froome because he’s a world class athlete. Still, the right foods at the correct times will make a hell of a difference to the experience. Always try and eat two to three hours beforehand so your body can digest the meal and turn it into energy. Also, a banana or an energy bar is a great backup plan should you start to feel woozy.

Oh, and don’t forget to drink and take plenty of water. After all, dehydration is the enemy!


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