The Golden Door

The Golden Door
The Golden Door

Set amidst the grassy hills on 600 acres in beautiful San Marcos, California exists a private sanctuary of spiritual bliss and physical solace; a place where you can escape and truly be transported to another time and place, just beyond The Golden Door. Leaving Hollywood’s material-centric world behind, silver screen starlets such as Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Taylor, Olivia Wilde, Barbra Streisand, Robert Wagner, and Natalie Wood have chosen The Golden Door as their sweet escape from it all. One of the most beautiful destination spas in California, offering a sense of tranquility unlike any other, that will revitalize your body and transform your spirit leaving you breathtakingly renewed and recharged. (Photos by Lisa Romerein)

 Hollywood’s elite, Heads of State, Royalty as well as CEO’s from all over the world herald their ancient inner warrior where status updates are forgotten and inner peace and personal transformation is top priority. From morning until night, engage your Soul in life changing activities and experiences with Mother Earth, earning your appreciation of the simple things in life, while gaining perspective on the important things. As one of the world’s leading hotels, its no surprise The Golden Door boasts one of the most exclusive guest lists yet offers this peaceful habitat to people across the globe, no matter position or place.


Embrace the history of ancient Japanese architecture throughout Japanese honjin inn design, hike the trails of the labyrinth, and immerse yourself in the culture where you’ll find Zen rock gardens that feed the soul. Other natural beauty that will lift your spirits can be found in the Roji, simple rustic gardens, or the Kaiyu-Shiki-teien stroll gardens, or enjoy your solitude while mediating in the Tsubo-niwa gardens.

Among globally renowned destination spas, The Golden Door, remains singular- the one and only offering a personalized guest experience catering to specific likes and dislikes, fitness levels (from weight loss to event training), emotionally significant events (divorce or loss of a loved one), and physical ailments (cancer or hip replacement) with high personalized and exclusive programs offered all year long for men and women from all over the world to come escape from it all and enjoy. Truly one of the best hotels in San Diego, with exceptional care and unmatched quality of guest services.

The spirit of The Golden Door is to help guests take away positive and lasting lifestyle changes that they maintain at home and for years to come. An ancient and timeless world exists where all are welcome to join and share in the beauty and bliss that every Spirit craves and each one of us deserves, just beyond The Golden Door.

777 Desert Springs Road, San Marcos, CA 92069


The Golden Door ~ Japanese HonJin Inn

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