David Frangiono and Phil Collins

David Frangioni performs with Phil Collins ta Little Dreams Foundation Charity

David Frangioni, the Founder and CEO of Audio One, the award winning home automation and theatre system, announces he will play at the Fillmore on December 6 with Phil Collins. Frangioni will be drumming for Phil Collins, Laura Pausini, Alejandra Guzman and Jermaine Jackson at as part of the Little Dreams Foundation Charity concert.

 The Little Dreams Foundation (LDF) charity is close to Frangioni’s heart as it helps young, underprivileged children obtain lessons, career direction and mentoring at a time when they need it most.   When David turned 2 years old, he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, cancer of the eye.  Since then, he has been blind in his right eye while finding music as his refuge.

 Today, he can give back to kids that are suffering from cancer, and provide a helping hand during this difficult long journey; something he did not have while growing up in Boston.  “Nothing is easy, everything worthwhile requires hard work.  LDF gives kids the opportunity to learn how important hard work really is, while getting invaluable coaching along the way.  All at no cost to the children, funded by donations to the LDF.  It’s a wonderful cause with great results to show” says Frangioni.

 The December 6 concert will also feature, the 2014 class of LDF children, an amazing group of extremely talented children that have worked all year long for this moment.  And backing them up on every song will be their mentor, David Frangioni, drumming as he has for the past 40+ years.  Frangioni said “Playing with the children will be so gratifying and when you have Phil Collins as the head-liner that evening, it’s going to be memorable for everyone in attendance.  We can’t wait to give Miami a special concert, it’s a great city that deserves the goodness that LDF brings to it.”

 About David Frangioni

Frangioni has had a pretty unique career; He was the Chief Engineer Technologist for the group Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne (appearing on the TV show The Osbournes), Rolling Stones, Elton John, Ringo Starr and hundreds more.  Frangioni is also the author of an internationally published book on Clint Eastwood.  He’s received dozens of gold records and founded Audio One, which is considered the world’s leading home automation firm.  A musician since the age of 8, Frangioni has mentored hundreds of students in performance-coaching, through the IDA Program, and digital audio workstations with Pro Media Training (2 different companies of David’s, serving the music business in 7 cities throughout the USA).

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