Functional Medicine – Why Should You Choose It?

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Functional Medicine – Why Should You Choose It? #health #medicine #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #BevHillsMag #beverlyhillsmagazine

While traditional medicine prescription involves simply diagnosing the patient with the disease and giving the relevant medicine, functional medicine chooses a different approach. Functional medicine is instead a scientific approach that deals with the patient’s uniqueness in terms of his genetics, his environment, and his lifestyle to determine a fair idea about his life and then implement the relevant treatment procedure with respect to the particular ailment the patient is suffering from. Functional medicine tends to realize the functioning capabilities of the body before prescribing any medications.

If one wishes to move from the conventional medicinal practices and approach a doctor who specializes in functional medicine for better treatment and understanding of his/her disease, one can look into functionalmedicine Active Edge.

Functional medicine involves interactions with the body and understanding it before going forward with the treatment. It is different from conventional medicinal treatment procedures in certain ways including:

1.  Understanding the patient:

Functional medicine involves a deep understanding of the patient and how he lives his life. It is generally a session of discussion where the doctor works closely to understand the patient and his lifestyle and then treat his illness without taking the aid of drugs unless the situation is severe and demands for the same. It is a scientific approach to heal the body by catering to the needs and genetics of each patient in the simplest way possible.

2. Healing doesn’t happen overnight:

In this type of medicine, doctors aim at treating the underlying conditions leading to the development of the disease rather than treating the disease directly with drugs. It involves careful examination of the patient’s medical history and then devising a suitable plan to cure the patient naturally. It requires a certain amount of time to achieve success.

3. It is best for chronic diseases:

While conventional medicine comes in handy in severe and emergency cases, usage of these drugs to deal with chronic ailments such as heart diseases, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, etc. may prove to be damaging to the body in the long run. Here, functional medicine plays a crucial role as it tries to eradicate the disease or for severe cases keep the disease in check as much as possible through a natural process that makes sure that the body stays fit and healthy in future.

3. A combination of the best:

Functional medicine is a combination of therapeutic treatment procedures and conventional medicine. While functional medicine focuses mainly on treating the patient with therapy and other natural means, at times it has to resort to prescribing drugs. However, as it is the blend of both worlds, it allows the patient to experience the best treatment without depriving him of any major treatment procedure.

While most people opt for conventional medicine as it provides quick and definite results, one may choose to try functional medicine if one worries about his future and wants to ensure his body is healthy and fit. Continuous consumption of drugs can at times lead to adverse effects in future which one can avoid with functional medicine.

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