Finding The Best Custom Wallets 

Finding The Best Custom Wallets #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #bestcustomwallets #genuineleather #exquisitewallet #customwallet

Finding the best custom wallets can be challenging especially at this time when you do not have the luxury of going to the specialty shops to find high-quality and exquisite wallets. Since the threat of the surge of the virus has become apparent, it is difficult to feel safe out in public places when you only want to shop for custom wallets. You are better off ordering from an online store, but wait, it is so very easy to get duped in online stores as you cannot hold and inspect the wallets that you want to purchase. Which can lead you to buy something that is not made from genuine leather but at a high price.

There is nothing better than being able to see these products personally and be able to inspect their craftsmanship and material. The solution to this dilemma is to be able to find an online seller or supplier of genuine leather custom wallets. Online shopping is still the best way to keep you safe from the virus and risk being infected with it. You just need to know where to find the store that sells genuine leather ones.

A custom wallet may just be a wallet, and more people do not carry a wallet with them, which sure makes for a great gift for special occasions or life’s accomplishments. However, not all wallets are created equal, some are made from faux leather that will not stand the test of time and may just become an eyesore and can easily be damaged, along with its contents. Thus, getting the real deal is much more favorable.

The Best Custom Wallets

What makes the best custom wallets, the best? The eye is in the detail, of course, it has to be hand-crafted and made from genuine Argentinian leather. It is soft to the touch, yet smooth and has that characteristic glean from the soft and buttery leather. Also, it is tastefully and exquisitely made, each stitch is uniform in size, it is also made from high-quality thread and it is done expertly.

The seams are smooth and well hidden, the edges are crisp and holds its shape very well despite it being soft to the touch. Genuine leather is difficult to dye which is why the best custom wallets will only come in basic colors of black, brown, tan, and sometimes blue. The best custom wallets only come in two designs, as a bifold wallet or a money clip.

Although these styles are best for men, the discerning woman can still get it for herself or give it as a gift to other successful women in her life. The best thing about these wallets is that it is customizable, it can be engraved with the owner’s name or nickname, or a longer special message can be sewed into the inside flap of the wallet.

Especially if you are meaning to give the wallet as a gift, a special message or quote is best appreciated when it is done tastefully. It can also serve as a form of remembrance to you when you give it to a special person in your life.

Caring For Custom Wallets

If you own a genuine leather custom wallet or meaning to give it to someone special as a gift, you must know how to care for it so that it will last for a long time. First off, no matter how stinky or dirty your wallet may become as time passes by, never wash your custom wallet with water and soap as it will strip off the protective layer of oil in it.

Also, it may not dry off completely and the moisture will seep into the wallet and damage it. If the leather is stained or is dirty, you just need to clean it with a cotton ball dipped in vinegar and then wipe it all over the surface of the wallet. Then buff it with a clean cloth preferably cotton, do not use synthetic fabric in doing this as it will scratch the grain of the leather.

You also need to hang dry the wallet after cleaning it, do not attempt to put it in a drier or use a blow dry to help it dry faster as too much heat can also destroy the leather. To keep your wallet looking fresh and new every time, do not put it in the back pocket of your jeans or into a cramped bag or backpack. Make sure it is in a secure space on its own and not being jostled by other stuff in your bag.

Buying Custom Wallets

Now that you know what to look for in the best custom wallets and how to care for them, the next step is knowing where to buy it from, whether for yourself or for gifting to someone special, you can never go wrong with a custom wallet. Remember the key characteristics of the best custom wallets and then try searching for them on the internet, you can use the genuine leather wallet or leather custom wallets as keywords.

You need to inspect the top three results and look into the description if the wallets they have are made with genuine Argentinian leather, it is not, then go on to the next website until you find it. Avoid websites that say their wallets are of genuine quality or made from man-made leather as these are knock-offs.

Once you have found the legit seller or distributor, then you can choose which custom wallet design you want or need at the moment as well as the color variations. But with the trouble you went through to find the best custom wallet, you cannot simply just buy one, you might even get a special price or a discount if you order more wallets.

Besides, having one handy will save you a lot of time and effort if you need one for gift giving. After which, you can proceed with the order and payment and then choose to have it delivered to your home so you can check it personally. But if this is not possible, then have it delivered to the person you are giving it to.

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