Navigating the Sizing Spectrum for Swimwear

Beverly Hills Magazine Navigating the Sizing Spectrum for Swimwear or Swimsuit
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The chest area is the first point of concern for many women who find themselves in the position of shopping for swimwear. Let’s kick off this info-packed article with the tips that address this main concern: Any cup size from a D upwards should be treated like a bra fitting. This means that, rather than looking at sizing like small, medium, and large, you should be getting professionally fitted according to cup size. Once this component is taken care of, everything else should follow fairly naturally. 

Choices, choices

Given the choices of one-pieces, bikinis, and even tankinis, it’s no wonder that women are left scratching their heads about the best shopping options for women’s swimsuits. For many women, swimsuits (or rather, the vast array of availability of this controversial item!) have posed a problem – where to start, and what is the best cut to buy?

Before worrying about the actual design, you need to determine what your actual size is, and start making your first round of selections based on this. Wearing the correct size (and not the one you are aiming to be!) will go a long way in helping you to look good in what you’re wearing. An ill-fitting swimsuit can go one of two ways – too large, and you risk either lack of performance or accidental exposure if the suit is too big and becomes baggy, or discomfort and a feeling of being squeezed or feeling like the seams are cutting into you, when the suit is too small.  

What is the best material?

Although you might think that most swimsuits for women are all just made from lycra, this is not necessarily true! The material can vary, depending on what purpose you want to use the swimsuit for. If you are not much of a swimmer, but more of a sunbather, you might enjoy wearing something with more embellishments, or even something made of a more sparkly material (just take care if you have sensitive skin – glittery materials have a habit of scratching)!

If you prefer swimming, you might benefit from looking for something that provides decent support even when wet, and which is resistant to repeated exposure to chemicals, like chlorine. 

The big lesson is to not just settle for a swimsuit because it is affordable. As is often the case with purchases like this, you may be saving money in the short term, but regret the purchase later when it proves to not be as durable as you had hoped.

What’s your preference?

When you buy lingerie, your body shape, but also your body type comes into play. However, the important part that is often forgotten, is also your attitude to the item you intend to be wearing. Whether you are pear-shaped, apple-shaped or straight-bodied, or even an hourglass, the final result of how you look in a swimsuit will come down to whether or not you wear it with confidence. If you are cautious about showing off too much skin, get yourself a beautiful and supportive one-piece to cover up anything that troubles you and wear it with confidence!

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