Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

Fathers Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use:#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #fathersday #father'sdaygifts #fathers #dad #shoppingforgifts #giftideas
Fathers Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use:#beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #fathersday #father'sdaygifts #fathers #dad #shoppingforgifts #giftideas

It’s an annual thing. You know, that time of year when you have to search high and low for that special gift to present to the coolest guy in your family. Without a doubt, for some of us, shopping for Father’s Day gifts is a simple task. That is if your dad is one of those guys who is easy-going and will take any gift with a smile. (Image Credits: Starline/Freepik)

But what if you’re trying to find him something practical that he’ll actually use rather than stash in the back of a sock drawer until next year? Well, we’ve put together the ultimate gift-giving guide for Father’s Day. On it, we have featured seven great gift ideas that will get good ole dad by the heartstrings.

1 – For His Drinking Enjoyment

If your dad is a fellow who appreciates a good drink every so often, you can’t go wrong with this bottle of whiskey from the Crown Royal XR Extra Rare series. The bottle itself is a work of art that he’ll be proud to display full or empty. The contents are a whole different matter. The whiskey is a unique blend from one of the final batches out of the former LaSalle distillery in Montreal. It includes dried fruit, honey, spicy notes from Canadian rye, brown sugar, raisins, and cocoa. Plus, you can have the bag it comes in embroidered with a special message from you to dad. That alone makes this a gift-worthy item in our books.

2 – For His Obsession With Hand Tools

There are multi-tools and there are multi-tools. The Muncher Multi-Tool utensil is one tool your dad will thank you for daily. It’ll be something he’ll carry with him at all times in a pocket to address a can opening emergency or to open bottles. It also works as a screwdriver for when he starts obsessing about loose screws on appliances, furniture, and wherever else he can find one to tighten. Oh, and there are many other cool gadgets included in this multi-tool. It will make your dad the go-to guy on Father’s Day with the go-to tool.

3 – For His Great Sense of Timing

Dad may not always be on time for those important moments in your life. But you can help him meet at least a few more of them with this Michael Kors Lexington 2 Bracelet Smart Watch. Not only will it look good on his wrist, but it also has a classic look that won’t weird him out too much and will remind him of the type of watch his dad probably wore. Oh, but this one is different in that it is a watch that he can sync to his smartphone to display emails, texts and track his many fitness goals. And it makes a pretty decent watch that tells precision time.

4 – For His Eyes and Ears

You can really spiff up dad’s look with these Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses. Not only will he look cool in the heat of the sun, but he’ll be able to listen to tunes at the same time. With built-in Bose speakers on the sides of the frames, there are no tiny earbuds to lose. Plus, because the speakers are outside of his ears, your dad will still be able to hear what’s going on around him so he can’t claim he didn’t hear you calling him from across the street. He will look cool, though, even if you don’t like the music he likes to listen to.

5 – For His Obsession With Games

Hey, admit it. Your dad plays games. For the smart ones who enjoy a bit of money-related entertainment, here is the Monopoly 5-in-1 Deluxe Edition. It has a retro look to it to remind dad of the games he used to play when he was a kid, and the wooden board can be flipped over to play checkers or chess. There are cards to play a Monopoly spin-off game and to up the ante on game night, there’s also a set of poker dice. So be prepared to get challenged a few more times each week to a rousing game of chess.

6 – For His Tender Tooties

Okay, we know. Socks may not be what you would consider being the most “fun” gift for dad on Father’s Day. However, that depends on where you get them. Socks are no longer just available in black or white. There are some wild color combinations out there including wacky patterns and some amazing prints. What we are getting at here is that you can easily capture your dad’s personality with a statement pair of socks that say something about him and they don’t have to be black or white. If you want to elevate the presentation a little, find a retailer that does custom Father’s Day gifts, like No Cold Feet, for example.

7 – For His Always Dying Phone

We know that it happens. Dad gets so busy at times doing what dad’s do that keeping his phone fully charged is sometimes a lower priority than it should be. You can give him some help with this Portable Rechargeable Protective Charging Case. It is exactly as the name implies. It is a protective case that doubles as a charger that will give him no less than 150-percent more battery life. That means he can spend more time chatting with the grandkids, planning fishing trips with the guys, or just checking out the latest sports scores.

In Conclusion

Dad is your hero and as such, he deserves something out-of-the-ordinary but useful on Father’s Day. You can always get him something a bit more traditional on his birthday. Father’s Day should be a special occasion that is marked with a gift that is just as special. The list above will hopefully give you some inspiration to find that unusual, but practical gift dad will actually use. He’ll love you for it. Oh, and don’t forget to include a card.

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