5 Rookie Roofing Mistakes To Avoid

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A good roof is similar to the interiors of a good home – with the right research and a professional at work, it is possible to achieve an enviable aesthetic while fulfilling the underlying purpose. However, for both of them – one thing stands true. Even the slightest roofing mistakes can prove to be costly.

Luckily, you seem to have found your way here in your quest to achieve the flawless roof. Here are some rookie roofing mistakes you should avoid. (Image Credits: Semevent/Pixabay)

Rookie Mistake #1: ‘Let Me Hire Someone For Cheap’

Cheap is not always good. Considering the amount you spend on building a roof, it is also important to value the quality and service that is required to hire skilled commercial roofing contractors

Step one – Always check if the organization has insurance (both for liability and the workers), warranty for faulty products, and also that the workers are certified professionals. 

Step two. – Get a few references from family and friends if needed. 

Step three – You can go through multiple websites and check for testimonials before deciding on a reasonably priced contractor.

Finally, step four – visit their office to find out more about their business and work ethic. While pricing is an important aspect, it should not be the only determining factor. Moreover, if you live in Southeastern Michigan, you can easily find a premier roofing company located here that offers competitive pricing and quality service at the same time. So, before making the decision, do your research on the best contractor to ensure you get quality work and results.

Rookie Mistake #2: ‘It’s Only Ice’

The icicles on the edge of your roof may seem harmless but are not. The indoor heat escaping through the roof leads to the snow on the roof to melt. The melted snow or water drips off the gutters, where it refreezes again. This results in the hard ice build-up at the edges. This is known as Ice Damming. It causes tremendous damage to your gutters and the property as a whole.

Hence a proper ventilation system is required that should prevent the warm air from escaping and melting the snow on the roof. Having snow on your roof is fine, but the minute you see the icicles, you know there’s danger lurking. 

Rookie Mistake #3: ‘I Am Going To Fix It By Myself’

The only time when fixing a complicated roofing system actually seems easy is when an actor does it on television. As they say, these stunts should not be performed by an individual alone or without guidance. Saving a few bucks might end up costing you a few hundred more in roofing mistakes. Sacrificing the quality of a well-built roof to save maintenance costs could result in physical damage to the roof and walls of the property as well. 

If you find that there’s something wrong with your roof, don’t rush into fixing it by yourself. Call a professional and let him do the needful instead.

Rookie Mistake #4: ‘It’s Probably Nothing. I’ll Get Back To It Later.’

Just like your vehicle – delaying the servicing of your roof means delayed utility, potential danger, and increased costs. A few missing shingles, water stains or leaking may initially seem harmless but not being proactive about it may eventually lead to your roof needing a full replacement. 

Sometimes, even if everything seems to be okay, regularly checking up on your roof avoids future shocks. 

Rookie Mistake #5: ‘It Looks Fine. No Need To Clean.’

Your property can be severely damaged by the debris collected in the clogged gutters. Not only is the damage caused by the water in the gutters a threat to the durability of your roof, but it is also an open invitation to insects and rodents.


For every nickel you save trying to cut cost or effort, you lose a dollar in quality. It is imperative for building owners to allow a professional to do their job and not take roof maintenance lightly. 

One must educate themselves about the measures that it requires to own and maintain a strong, supportive, and durable roof. After all, nothing good comes easy. Not even when it’s dirt cheap! 

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