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The wonderful Crosby fashion brand was established by Mollie Crosby Burch, and her associate Taylor Montes de Oca, in 2015. This fashion brand is famous for its use of vibrant and bright colors. The goal of this brand is to provide clothing that women of any age or body shape can look fashion-forward. Below are some of the brand’s best pieces.


Bold Reds and Pinks

As seen above and below, one of the color combinations that Crosby is most famous for is their artistic blends of red and pink. Some other brands make these colors clash, but this brand makes the combination work wonders.


One example of this is shown in this cozy sweater. This knit sweater uses Crosby’s Miller design. This sweater is designed for peak comfort. The long sleeves bunch at the cuffs, which gives them an adorable look without having them get in the way of the hands. The use of bright and bold colors in this sweater draws the eye. It makes for a perfect comfortable date-night look!

Muted Purples and Pinks

If bright colors aren’t your thing, try looking into some of Crosby’s muted color collection. As seen below, Crosby has clothing items that use both solid color and patterned designs. This long-sleeved shirt follows the Adair design. The cuffs of this shirt are elastic-bound. The shirt itself is made out of Poly CDC fabric, which makes it light and breathable—perfect for nearly any event or weather!


This purple top, made from the Harper design, comes in Crosby’s signature rose quartz color. Crosby makes a variety of pieces with this same coloring, including the dress below. The cloth also has a “shimmer specialty” fabric, which makes it look like it is made out of thousands of sparkling gemstones.


An additional feature that stands out in both the Harper top and this Preston dress are the ruffled sleeves. These sleeves give the outfit a touch of whimsy. Of course, the overall design of the dress also gives off an air of class. This makes is a great outfit for a night out on the town with the girls or a job interview.

Beautiful Blue Velvet

Looking for something with an even darker shade? Check out this dress. It’s made with the Betsy styling. It is made of luxurious blue velvet cloth. Unlike most velvet-based clothing made from other brands, this dress is unique in that is has a leopard print-like pattern in the velvet. Like many of the other apparel pieces, the sleeves of this dress are collected near the wrist. The rest of the sleeve is loose and flowing.

One gorgeous feature that this dress comes with is a removable scarf made from the same material. When added, it gives the dress an extra touch of elegance. When removed, it leaves shows off the dress’s high-necked design. The back of the dress has a small gap near the neck as well.


Playful Polka Dots

Like the red and pink sweater shown near the beginning of this article, this sweater also uses the Miller design. This helps to show that even though the shirts are made with the same basic design, their colors and patterns help to create totally different styles!

The pink and red sweater has a casual and playful look to it. While this polka dot sweater still could be considered playful, it also looks professional. Like many of Crosby’s designs, this shirt is perfect for a casual day out with friends or a busy day in the office.


Final Thoughts

All in all, the elegant yet whimsical Crosby by Mollie Burch brand has something for women of every age and weight, as well as for every woman’s unique color and style preferences! So, whether you like something vibrant, colorful, and light something dark and elegant, Crosby is sure to have something perfect for you!


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