Style Tips For Buying Nursing Scrubs

Style Tips For Buying Nursing Scrubs #nurse #scrubs #shop #style #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag

People who work in the hospital are generally required to wear medical uniforms or nursing scrubs while they are on the job. While the majority of scrubs are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear even during long shifts, the style and brand make a world of difference. There’s no rule that says you can be stylish and fashionable even when you are acting as an angel to those in need.

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Whether you are buying your first set of nurse scrubs or for the umpteenth time, here are a few style tips you need to consider:

The color of your nursing scrub matters

The colors of the uniforms of most medical staff are crucial in determining what their titles are and to which department do they belong. For medical employers, the uniform color serves as a visual shorthand to let them know their employees.

Most of the time, nurses’ scrubs also vary based on their designations. There are different colors for nursing aides, certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses.

Wearing the scrub color that is appropriate for your title can ensure that your colleagues and patients will not get confused, especially on a hectic day. Aside from that, some hospital facilities require certain colors to be worn on specific days of the week.

It is crucial that you know which color should be worn on a particular workday. Before you buy your nurse scrubs, check the hospital policies governing uniform colors to make sure you work with the proper medical attire on.

Invest in scrubs made with excellent quality materials

It is always a great idea to choose quality over quantity. What will you do with ten scrubs that will fade after a couple times of being washed? Instead of buying many uniforms, invest in durable, high-quality ones that you do not need to replace after a month.

The harsh hospital environment and the demands of the job can hasten the wear-and-tear process. But if you have premium-quality scrubs, you can rest easy that they will not be torn after washing in hot water or using harsh detergent.

Premium-grade fabrics and brands may cost more, but they will also withstand harsher conditions when compared to cheaper brands. When choosing your scrub fabric, go for 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. These types of materials are not only durable, but they are also comfortable to wear and soft on your skin.

Do not forget the scrub pockets

When you shop for your nursing scrub, buy those with pockets. It would be best if you had these to carry and keep essential items even while you are rushing around the hospital. If you have your scissors, pens, and other essentials ready, you can organize and streamline your day.

Most nursing scrubs have pockets either at the bottom or top. Go for scrubs that have as many pockets as possible.

Buy enough scrub pairs

Since you are expected to work eight to 12 hour-shifts, make sure you have enough scrubs to wear all throughout the workweek without doing the laundry. Your work at the hospital is already stressful, and the last thing you would want to worry about is your laundry.

Your job of saving lives is more than commendable. Since you take on this grand task, it is important that you only wear quality and comfortable medical uniforms. Invest in high-quality scrubs and wear your profession with dignity and joy. And of course, with one of a kind style 🙂

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