Fashion Ideas For Wearing Gala Dresses

Fashion Ideas For Wearing Gala Dresses #shop #fashion #style #dresses #shop #clothing #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
Fashion Ideas For Wearing Gala Dresses #shop #fashion #style #dresses #shop #clothing #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Getting invited to a gala event is a privilege. It could be an auction, a fundraiser, a ball, a charity event, etc. These events are usually quite the highlight of the year, which means you have to look your best no matter what. And because such an event often calls for gala dresses, you must dress to impress. (Image Credit: Photo by Naeim Jafari/Unsplash)

Black Tie Gala

A black-tie gala is considered less formal compared to a white tie event. You can wear gowns in bold colors or with embellishments, and it is acceptable to wear floor-length evening gowns. Short dresses can also work well with these black-tie galas, but make sure they look classy and fancy. You can buy gala dresses in specialty stores and online retailers. When it comes to a black-tie occasion, darker colors are typically more appropriate to wear. However, do not limit yourself to just black and navy blue; you may spice up your gown according to your taste and personality.

White Tie Event

White tie galas expect you to wear a classic black gown or any glamorous number in a seasonal color, but your gown must touch the floor. Wearing long gloves are typical in white tie affairs. The gloves you wear should complement the gown you are wearing, and your long gown should complement your body, as well. If you decide to go for a dress that does not reach the floor, the hem should hit your knee or below.

Cocktail or Semi-Formal Dress Code

You may find it a bit confusing to dress up for a cocktail event because it is easy to be over- or under-dress. For this, a little black dress could be the best solution. When in doubt, opt for a classic take and wear an above-the-knee black stylish dress. But, you may choose gala dresses in a seasonal color if you want to be more creative. Semi-formal events allow you to get creative and look tasteful at the same time.

Creative Black Tie

If you get an invite for a creative black-tie event, it is the best time to think outside the box. You can play with prints and amp up your shoes and accessories. As you let your imagination run wild, keep in mind that your overall look should still be elegant and formal. If the gala has a specific theme such as a Christmas Day charity, stick to it reasonably. Use this opportunity to show your creativity, all the while looking fabulous.

Pick the Right Accessories 

While the majority of gala events require wearing a pair of high heels, it pays to check the invitation to ensure you will be confident with the one you have in mind when you walk in at the event. If the flooring of the venue is precarious or if the venue is outdoors, go for wider or shorter heels for stability. Both closed- and open-toe shoes are acceptable. If you are in doubt, go with the classic black satin heels, as these will match all the gala dresses.

Whatever the dress code of the gala event is, wear tasteful jewelry pieces that subtly draw attention to your hair and face. Wear pearl or sparkly earrings and necklaces. Also, gold or silver bracelets can add glamour and style to your outfit if your gala gown does not have a lot of embellishments.

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