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Artskül is a brand new to the fashion world, having launched in October 2019. In the short time from the brand’s birth to now, ärtskül has made waves in the fashion industry. Already, some of the ärtskül fashions have premiered in the pre-Golden Globes 2020 Luxury Lounge. This made for a great introduction into the high-class and celebrity fashion world.

Dawn Rosenquist

Dawn Rosenquist is the founder and primary designer for ärtskül. Her goal was to make a fashion brand that embraced creativity and art. She wanted to push boundaries while remaining faithful to her art. One of the repeated phrases on the brand’s website simply says, “Live artfully.” Rosenquist creates all of her designs in Los Angeles, California. However, all of ärtskül’s garments are manufactured in Italy, using the finest fabrics—namely cashmere and silk.

Cashmere and Silk Scarves

One of the main attractions, as far as the many ärtskül products are concerned, comes from the soft fabrics used to make each scarf, banana, and other cloth accessory. As mentioned, each garment is made out of cashmere, silk, or a blend. Rosenquist says this about her fashionable accessories: “Artskül scarves are statement pieces, adding a unique and expressive look to any style that it’s paired with. It’s a sleek and effortless accessory that easily transitions across any setting from streetwear to the office, and onto the red carpet.”


Baby Pop, Inc.

The most famous and easily-recognizable of ärtskül’s designs is the Baby Pop, Inc. motif. This design, created by Rosenquist, was inspired by a baby doll given to her as a child by her Nana. Rosenquist sees the baby doll design as a symbol of childhood, family, and love. The motif was first made famous through Rosenquist’s art collection of the same name.

For the most part, the ärtskül scarves and other products have some variation of the Baby Pop, Inc. pattern on them. One of the most popular variations of this design comes in a houndstooth-like pattern.  Other scarves have larger Baby Pop, Inc. images or display the image many times in a square pattern.

Even though ärtskül has just recently entered the fashion scene, it already seems to have a promising future. Anyone who is looking for an elegant, luxurious, and playful statement piece is sure to find something to love in the ärtskül brand and Baby Pop, Inc. collection. To learn more about ärtskül, check out the website here, or follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

Hannah Foreman
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