Fashion and Style Tops For 2017 and Beyond

Fashion and Style Tops For 2017
Fashion and Style Tops For 2017

In the world of fashion, tops and blouses are a staple item that can change any outfit from fun to fabulous! Tops are versatile, comfortable and look great. For 2017, there are plenty of different styles available.

Much more choice for curvier ladies

A recent study carried out by the Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles department of Washington State University, shows that the average American woman is a size 16 /18. So, it is good to see more fashion designers catching up and catering for women with curvier figures.

For example, this retailer offers a great range of plus size tops. They have more than 1,000 different tops available in sizes 16 or 18.

Fashion and Style Tops For 2017Longer blouses and tops

This year, top lengths have got considerably longer. There are a lot of blouses and tops that finish mid thigh. Part of this trend is the tunic cut. Most are long-sleeved, so you can expect to see this style of top really take off in the fall.

The oversized look

Cuts are also generally baggier than they have been lately. More women are opting to wear shirts and blouses rather than t-shirts means they actually look smarter. The smart-casual trend is set to be big this fall and winter, so you can expect to see sales of women´s blouses remaining strong.

Stylish Bandeau

Violet Love bandeaus come in colorfast, absorbent, and washable fabric that can be worn as a top or for light workouts. Secret silicon strips inside on both top and bottom keep this lightweight bandeau bra comfortably in place all day long. Fits sizes 32A – 36D.

Violet Love Bandeau Summer Style

Denim is back

Denim never really goes completely out of fashion, so it is not really surprising to see retailers offering more denim blouses. The way they are cut means that most of them can be worn as a lightweight alternative to a jacket.

Back to the 70s and 90s

A lot of designers have clearly been inspired by the 70s and 90s. Two decades when logo t-shirts were all the rage.

Fashion and Style Tops For 2017

The off-the-shoulder cut

The off-the-shoulder look is still going strong. It is a striking cut, which works really well for women of all ages. The fact it is quite glamorous makes it a particularly good option for a party or evening out.

Sheer tops

Another classic look that has made a comeback, is the sheer look. These delicate tops are sexy and incredibly lightweight. They are a great option for warmer days, and are also very glamorous. A variation on this look is fishnet tops, which are also widely available, this year.

Bustier and corset tops

The corset look is perhaps the most surprising hit of 2017. There are many variations on this theme, which is part of the reason so many women are enjoying wearing this type of top. Many of them are far more modest than you would expect. Quite a few designers have simply added the laces to ordinary tops down the front, or layered a corset over a standard t-shirt.

Bright and bold tops

For 2017, a lot of designers have decided to use a brighter color palette. For example, we have seen a lot of pink on the catwalk over the past few months. Red and electric blue are also popular. These tops look especially good when paired with jeans, or a black skirt. However, it is important to realize that these brighter colors are not necessarily right for everyone. This article will help you to work out which shades are best for you.

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