Fabulous Twin Fashion Dresses

Fabulous Twin Fashion Dresses
Fabulous Twin Fashion Dresses

Have you ever loved a piece of clothing so much that you’ve bought the same style in more than one color? We might be guilty of that… Then again, what is there to be guilty about? There’s no reason why we should have to pass up extraordinary fashion pieces, like this fabulous Celine dress in black, just because we have something similar. Besides, owning two similar outfits makes it easy to twin with a friend. So, whether you like having options or love matching with the girls, these twin dresses from Celine are perfect for you.

Fabulous Celine Dress In Black
Celine Dress in Black. BUY NOW!!!

Bold in Black

A little black dress makes a great foundation for any outfit. It’s always a fashion trend, and can be worn for any occasion. It’s simple, elegant, yet bold. This short silk blend dress is a perfect semi-formal look. It reminds of us something a royal would wear to high tea.

What makes this dress stand out to us the most is its button-like adornments. A pattern of black and white stones trail down the center of the dress, adorn the sleeves and collar, work as a high belt, and complete the dress by decorating the bottom with a single line of classic circles. This gives the look of dozens of large pearls covering the dress. It’s an elegant look which is sure to turn a few heads.

Celine Dress in White. BUY NOW!!!
Celine Dress in White. BUY NOW!!!

Wonderful in White

Moving onto this Celine dress in white, the make bold button-like circles embellish the dress, but they stand out in a different way. With the black dress, they added highlights and sparkle. On the white dress, the black stones stand out even more. They add a touch of bravado to the angelic white dress. The silver ornamentations also stand out more, shimmering like silver.

Again, this dress is made of a silk blend, making it wonderfully smooth to the touch and light on the body. Instead of boldness, the white version of this Celine design gives off an air of grace and refinement. This is a perfect dress to wear during any social season events.

Whether you want to look daring in a bejeweled black dress or goddess-like in a silk masterpiece, these Celine dresses can set the tone for the whole evening. Now, it’s up to you to decide. Will you wear the dress in a blissful white or a stunning black? Better yet, why not try both? The choice is yours! Either way, you are sure to look gorgeous.


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