Exclusive Escapes: Visit Turkey, Istanbul


Exclusive Travel Tips: Reasons to Visit Turkey, Istanbul

Why should you visit Turkey? We’ve got the perfect explanation! Istanbul, Turkey is a hotspot offering great activities like yachting and shopping destinations where you can buy exclusive luxury goods from. Also known as traveler’s heaven, it is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It has recently soared in population as people have started to wake up to the amazing qualities this country possesses.

If you want to have a perfect vacation, then you should definitely visit Istanbul, Turkey. Whether it’s the steam of the scrumptious kebabs, dancing all night long in Istanbul’s night clubs, or searching for relics from the Ottoman Empire; we are sure that you will experience pure joy upon your visit.  Be prepared to discover Europe’s gateway to the East where cultures meet.


Turkish cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world as it’s a combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.  Almost every restaurant offers Turkish tea, Turkish coffee. Special Turkish exclusive delight, scrumptious kebab, is offered in the South Eastern part of the country. Don’t miss out on the juicy tastes of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.  Food prices are cheap, so you can eat till your heart’s content. You can enjoy these delicacies at some of Istanbul Turkey’s leading hotels.

Exciting Activities

Do you need an adrenaline rush? Are you a fun and sports lover? If yes, then Turkey has a lot of thrilling activities to offer.  You might consider paragliding over the Olu Deniz, or flying in a hot air balloon over the Cappadocia.  You would also like to try yachting on the clear blue waters, or jumping off a jet aircraftto add up to your adventure. The country has beautiful shores where yachting can easily be enjoyed and other waters ports as well.

Turkish People

You will surely enjoy the hospitality offered by Turkish people as they are very friendly in nature.  You will feel relaxed in their company and they will be more than happy to show you around their beautiful sites and introduce you to their spectacular culture, luxury goods and leading hotels.  You will be continuously bumping into Turkish strangers who would be glad to guide you throughout your trip, even if you cannot find a luxury goods shop, yachting destinations or leading hotels.

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

Stunning Locales

Turkey is one of the most stunning places in the country that has a beauty of its own. There are huge buildings on one side and there are old villages on the other. The kind of natural beauty you find in Turkey is seldom seen.

Rich Historical Background

If you are fond of history, then Turkey has many places that you could visit.  You will find their ancient buildings and archaeological buildings very interesting; while the legends will make your vacation extraordinary.  Fun fact: Did you know that Turkey hosts the most archaeological sites in the world?  Some of the countless sites to visit while you’re there are Antolia (birthplace of many civilizations, empires, historic figures and legends), Çatalhöyük (One of the oldest known human inhabited areas), Konya dating back to 6500 BC., Ephesus (Temple of Artemis), City of Troy, Cappadocia and the cave church of St. Peter.

So do not waste time and book yourself a ticket to Istanbul,Turkey today.

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