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5 Must Have Items in Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important interiors in the house, and can create a true dream home look and feel in any house. It is used to entertain guests and requires maintaining certain decorum. Most people find it difficult to decorate a living room as it requires a lot of attention. Your living room should reflect your living style in a nice way.

This can be done by purchasing luxury goods in the interior easily available in the market. Using them you can decorate your living room and it will look like a replica of the most expensive houses, given that you have all the necessary items. You will be amazed to see how many changes can add to the difference.  To help you in this regard given below are five must have items.

1. Add Color

By adding color to your walls, you will be adding life to your living room as they play a vital role in energizing or relaxing the space.  Their intensity signifies their warmth or coldness.  Ideal colors for a living room are schemes of soft white and blue, they will make your room feel calm, collected and cool which is a gracious setting for elegant gatherings; while a light tan carpet underfoot can warm up the space and maintain the cool tones in balance. You’ll find these earth tones in most of the interiors of most expensive houses in the world. Plus, remember to make sure that you choose colors that go well with other items in the room. You can use luxury furniture to add value to your room. Comfort and style should be your mantra.

2. Focal Point

Every living room requires a luxury good that can serve as an anchor where your eyes can rest.  A fireplace, light fixture or beautiful artwork can help to define the room’s function.

In case you don’t have a luxury focal point yet, you can easily create one by displaying your favorite item in the room. An oversize decorative mirror or a piece of art should be hung on the farthest wall. A comfy sofa with bright pillows can dazzle the room as well.

You can also add your personal items like your favorite novel, a self-crocheted afghan, shell collections etc.

Hang pictures, but not too high! They should be hung in a manner that they can relate to furniture and the architecture nearby.  Grouping up four large prints should be hung low to visually connect to the sofa; while paints on adjacent walls should be hung on standing eye level and should relate to a lamp placed in the corner.

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Dream Home Luxury Interiors
Dream Home Luxury Interiors

3. Flooring

A comfortable underfoot can prove to be a beautiful interiors design statement.  Wall-to-wall vibrant carpets lay a refined mix of stripes and floral.

If you have a taste for bold colors, you can opt for solid, neutral flooring which draws attention towards art or furniture.  The most popular choice for living room floors are hardwood floors covered with area rugs.  Ceramic/stone tiles and full carpeting can also work for you.

4. Media Centre

This is definitely a must have, even if your living room does not serve as your living room. This will give your dream home that ultra upscale feel. This will be used to entertain guests. You can hang a flat screen, it can be incorporated it in the room’s décor so as a feature; but not as the most dominant one, especially if it doesn’t gel well.

To accommodate the television, installing a built-in bookcase might seem like a good idea.

5. Plan for Inviting Lighting

In the living room, lighting should create a relaxing, comfortable mood. You can opt for layers of light which are positioned light sources to form a rough triangle. They ensure pleasant illumination distribution.

In other luxury items, table lamps will encourage your guests to sit down and relax as they enjoy the tranquil and peaceful lighting that compliments your homes interiors.

All these things will make your dream home look like some of the most expensive houses out there. Believe it or not things like these make any home look like a dream home. These things are used by people to differentiate between a simple home, a luxury home, and an ultimate dream home.

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