Elegant Yacht: The Glaze 161′ Trinity

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The Glaze 161 Trinity is a yacht that offers all the amenities of a top-quality boat. Its layout design offers maximum enjoyment and comfort to everyone on board. Beyond that, it’s an elegant yacht that offers an incredible viewing experience. Its raised salon features six large windows and two doors on either side, which provide yachters unobstructed panoramic views from front to the back. 

The Glaze 161′ is one of the motor yachts with perfect dimensions for a vessel of its class- it’s not too big and not too small. The design features are top-notch, with every detail thought out to make your time onboard as comfortable as possible. Another inclusion is the wide-open spaces, which provide plenty of room for guests to socialize and have fun. 

This article will go in-depth about this luxury yachting vessel and what makes it unique! So read on.

Elegant Yacht: The Glaze 161' Trinity #luxuryyacht #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxuryyachtingvessel #yachtlife #yacht #yachting #Glaze161' #Trinity #Glaze161'Trinity #motoryacht #superyacht

The Interior Layout of Glaze 161′ Trinity

The elegant Glaze 161′ Trinity yacht features a wide-open floor plan. This ensures guests don’t miss the stunning ocean surroundings as they move from one room to another. Besides that, the main salon plays host to an elegant sitting area with couches and ottomans suitable for lounging or entertaining friends. It also features some elegant tables with chairs for dining.

The open floor plan and use of sliding doors maximize the onboard living space. This gives guests ample space to relax and enjoy. The main deck has a large dining table to enjoy meals, while the aft deck features an outdoor bar inclusive of ice makers and refrigerators.

The exterior of Glaze 161′ Trinity features a lounge area complete with cushioned seating areas where guests can sit and soak up the sun as they enjoy the magnificent ocean view. 

Apart from that, the elegant yacht features incredible amenities such as a helipad, a gymnasium, and a steam room. Other notable features present to spice your yacht life. They include a jacuzzi, fantastic water toys, spa, gym, outdoor cinema, and countless water toys. 

On accommodation, the yacht features six luxurious en-suite cabins able to accommodate up to 12 guests comfortably, one master cabin, and five guest cabins. The master cabin has a sitting area and a private balcony, while the other five cabins are opulent to their design.

Elegant Yacht: The Glaze 161' Trinity #luxuryyacht #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxuryyachtingvessel #yachtlife #yacht #yachting #Glaze161' #Trinity #Glaze161'Trinity #motoryacht #superyacht

The Cruising Power Behind Glaze 161′ Trinity

The Glaze 161′ Trinity gets its massive power output from two caterpillar engines rated at 3512B, each producing a whopping 2500 hp. It also comes with an auxiliary diesel generator capable of powering all electronic equipment inside the ship.

Thanks to her engine output, this luxury yacht boasts a top cruising speed of 19 knots and a maximum range of 4200 nautical miles. Her average speed is 15 knots. Plus, the yachting vessel can carry 60,938 liters of fuel and 10,220 liters of water. 

Selling Price

The Glaze 161′ trinity is up for grabs. For those interested in owning this elegant yacht, its price tag is $18,500,000. It is also available for charter at about $300,000 per week. For more details about this yacht, check out this dealer, Yachts for sale.

Last Take

The Glaze 161 Trinity is an absolute dream yacht. It’s a yacht designed to fulfill the desires of those who love yacht life and all that it entails. Everything about this elegant yacht is eye-catching, from the yacht’s sleek exterior to its luxurious interiors. To sum up, Glaze 161′ Trinity is the yacht to go for, especially for those who like to live in the lap of luxury.

Elegant Yacht: The Glaze 161' Trinity #luxuryyacht #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxuryyachtingvessel #yachtlife #yacht #yachting #Glaze161' #Trinity #Glaze161'Trinity #motoryacht #superyacht

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