Do you REALLY need Rhinoplasty?

Do you REALLY need Rhinoplasty?
Do you REALLY need Rhinoplasty?

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today is rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job. It can be hard to get away from, when you see just how many fashion models, girls on the cover of a beauty magazine, and celebrities are going through with this procedure. Especially those who don’t even seem like they need one! If you’ve considered this in the past, read on to learn whether you really need a nose job:

You Don’t if: You Think a Nose Job Will Solve Your Problems

You need to be honest with yourself and assess your mindset before you can decide whether you should really go through with this operation. While a nose job can give you more confidence and raise your self esteem, it can’t solve all of your problems. It won’t get you a promotion, or a new boyfriend. It won’t make your husband stay with you. Only you can solve those problems. While a nose job can be beneficial, it won’t be the answer to all of your prayers. (Image Credit)

You Don’t if: You Want the Nose of Your Favorite Celeb

Some celebrities have had some amazing work done (and some haven’t), and it’s OK to take pictures to a surgeon to give them an idea of the look you may want to go for. However, you can’t get the same nose. You can only have a better version of your own nose. If you try too hard to change your nose, you’ll end up like one of the plastic surgery horror stories out there, and your nose will look awful. Hopefully, your surgeon will be honest with you about what can and can’t be done.

You May if: You Know the Risks

You need to do a lot of research when thinking of having this operation…a lot. You can’t go and have something like this without doing your research and knowing the facts. Sure, you’ll likely come out the other end with a nice new nose and some more confidence. However, there are risks to be aware of too. Providing you know the risks and you’re willing to deal with them if they crop up, you could be a good candidate for surgery. It’s no use ignoring them and pretending like it won’t happen to you, because the risks are very real. Your surgeon should fill you in on all of these too!

So, do you really need a nose job? Maybe before you go through with a procedure like this, you can work on accepting yourself the way you are. Only when you have that mindset can you consider whether surgery is a good idea. Hating yourself is not a good mindset for plastic surgery!

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