Cute Casual Style: A Perfect Sunday Brunch Outfit

Cute Casual Style: A Perfect Sunday Brunch Outfit

What is Sunday if not a perfect day to dress up? Well, we at Beverly Hills reckon that every day is perfect for getting dressed. But Sundays are a little more special, aren’t they? Therefore, we have come up with yet another cute casual style suggestion for you: The Light Pink Shirt with Classic Blue Denims paired with a chique white handbag, and edgy wedge sandals.

Cute Casual Pink Shirt

What to say about this stunning shirt? It’s simple, classy, elegant, and more importantly, minimal.

For our ladies out there who like comfort over style, this shirt is like your dream piece of clothing. The fabric is super breathable and the toned-down pink colour makes it a perfect shirt for bright sunny days. When paired with blue jeans, it makes for a stunning casual outfit.

Classic Blue Denim

If you ever get second thoughts about trousers, toss them on the corner of your room (not literally) and go for blue jeans! You can never go wrong with them. These comfy and classic blue denim are perfectly pairable with the light pink shirt. The basic blue jeans add that ‘casual’ element to the outfit, while also adding to the style.

Chique White Handbag

Can we ever stress enough the importance of accessorizing? Of course not. Accessories not only give an edge to your outfit but also make you look extra stylish, and this chique handbag does exactly that. With the evergreen white colour, this handbag makes for the perfect add-on to this outfit. The white and pink combo never stopped looking dreamy and this outfit is proof of that.

Wedge Sandals

These stunning wedge sandals are everything you need to add a bit of glam to the outfit. The light pink colour matches well with the shirt and the beige base adds a bit of cuteness to the whole look. As the jeans are slim-fitted, the wedge sandals make for a perfect choice. So the next time you plan for a coffee date or a chilled-out brunch, go for this outfit. The cute casual outfit will make you stand out from the crowd because of its simplicity, elegance, and perfection.

And oh, prepare yourself to receive compliments ‘cause you are about to get many. Happy styling!


Gargi Yadav is a professional content and cretaive writer, editor, and literature enthusiast who was born and raised in India.
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