Dream Car: Super Fast Maserati MC20

Beverly Hills Magazine Dreams Cars Maserati MC20

As technology evolves and get better over the years one thing car lovers around the globe have realised for quickly is that the era of super fast cars is an unending one. Advances in car engine technology, aerodynamics, weight economics and man’s perpetual and insatiable craving for luxury that breaches the norm will see to it that we never run out of car models that will sweep us off our feet. So, talking about sweeping us off our feet, it’s Maserati’s turn to take the accolade. The super fast Maserati MC20 is a luxury car whose reverb is a roaring sound of class and luxury blended into weightlessness beyond the norm.

Maserati MC20 Features Highlight

  • Speed >>> 325km/h
  • Total Weight >>> 1500kg
  • Carbon Fiber Monocoque
  • 630 HorsePower
  • Turbo Engine V6
  • Butterfly Doors
  • Redesigned Maserati Trident
  • Butterfly Doors
  • 4 Bespoke Driving Modes


For those have been followers of Maserati in the car automobile space, the unveiling of MC20 not only marks the end of an era-long dependence of Maserati on Ferrari for car engines, it ushers in a new dispensation in the timeline of sports car manufacturing for the Italian car firm.

Inside MC20 is Maserati’s first in—house patented engine technology with a turbo V6 engine that delivers up to 630 Horsepower to the weightless engineering of the car. Weightless because Maserati MC20 was carefully engineering to produce one of the most awesome power-weight ratio aspects in modern cars that just keeps fans raving across the globe.


Now, the exterior of the Maserati MC20 is a muscular build that seems glued to the ground and just irresistible to look at. In the world of amazing, super fast cars, this is a design that is worth a second look. Except that you wouldn’t notice until you’re drooling on your 99th look.


Beverly Hills Magazine Dreams Cars Maserati MC20

Looking from the front, the striking redesigned Maserati trident elegantly sits on the headline just above the breathing grille that grooms inward in an equally breath-taking master design. In addition, Maserati MC 20 is the first Maserati car to be designed with butterfly doors, and that makes truly the first of its kind.

Also, from the back, there are air vents atop the design that morphed into the Maserati trident logo. In the back base, the back headlights are squished and elongated into an unusual design that complements all the build characteristics.

Furthermore, another thing worth noting is that the Maserati MC20 is unconventional to all of other Maserati’s design. It has a reversed and flipped engine and boot positions. In MC20, the engine occupies the back and the boot sits at the front.


The interior is a powerful combination of  the Maserati brand intention for a relaxed and enjoyable driving experience and a top-tier taste for aesthetics. First, the seats design give the best comfort feel with the Carbon Fiber Monocoque material. On the steering, the ignition button sits to the left-centre and other purpose buttons to the right.

Beverly Hills Magazine Dreams Cars Maserati MC20

In addition, our eyes need not wander before noticing the floating touch -screen that switches on as the car launches. Likewise, a luxury-watch-themed drive mode selector knob-shaped design sits a distance to the anterior of the magnetic armrest. Also, lining up in tow, there is the manual switch button, and the pedal shifters sit behind the steering wheel.

Now, the rear mirror can switch in two modes- between normal and digital modes. In summary, the Maserati MC20 interior sums up to a “fully digitalised interior.”


This awesome and powerful blend of sports and luxury prices for $210,000, standing in and away from its stiffest competitors like Ford GT, Porsche 911 Turbo etc.


In conclusion, Maserati MC20 will be available in petrol version, convertible version and an all-electric version. Turbo V6 engine with 630HP delivered, Maserati MC20 has a muscular build, butterfly doors, monocoque feel, and a roaring engine you will love.

Beverly Hills Magazine Dreams Cars Maserati MC20


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