Coral Chung Brings Handbags to The Real World

Coral Chung Brings Handbags to The Real World #Handbags
Coral Chung Brings Handbags to The Real World #Handbags

Senreve is a modern-day fashion accessory company that made a name for itself by listening to what women actually wanted. Senreve and the CEO, Coral Chung, asked women and professionals what they needed and desired in a handbag. Traditionally, manufacturers make a product and then feed it to the public. Chung surveyed and analyzed people’s needs, and with that data, she cofounded Senreve, a company focused on designing luxurious and functional handbags. (Image Courtesy of

For many women, a handbag is a traveling office that must have space for personal items as well as electronics. Coral Chung integrated the quality and style that the women were requesting. They did not want a briefcase, backpack, or something that looked like a trash bag. Senreve undertook this task with devotion.

The design team started with the interior of the bag. Before Senreve, Coral Chung was a part of the technology and corporate world. As an advisor for several elite fashion companies, she had to dress the part and remain functional. A cumbersome purse was not going to cut it. Chung was not alone. Like many entrepreneurs, she went looking for the perfect product. When her search ended in frustration, Senreve became the solution. The handbags have a structured interior with pockets and pouches configured for glasses, tablets, and phones. You won’t find yourself fishing for lost keys; everything has its place.

Once they engineered the interior compartments, they addressed the handles. The Maestra series has several handles and straps, which allow for a variety of options. You can opt for short handles and carry it like a purse or choose long straps and sling it over one shoulder, carry it cross-body, or wear it as a backpack. These handbags perform at every level. Once the interior space and handles were organized, a material was selected.

Senreve did not take any shortcuts. The company uses Italian leather in a variety of textures, and only full grain—the best leather available. The inside is made from durable suede. And all of Senreve’s handbags come with a lifetime guarantee. Because of the materials, there are specific cleaning and handling techniques, such as storing the handbags in a dust-free container. If the interior gets dirty, a professional leather service should clean it.

Individuals also wanted the ability to monogram or customize their bags. As an extra, Senreve will have Bay-area artists paint objects such as daisies or rainbows on the sides or front. The three-letter monograms come in various fonts, or if you want something unique, you can request a customized design or pattern. This option makes the handbags great gifts or reward pieces. Companies can add their own logo, or individuals can express themselves with hand-painted details.

The Maestra bags come in three sizes, and although the leather is pebbled, Chung saw that women wanted other options, too, so shoppers can select from four textures. Senreve is all about satisfying women’s needs, so if you want, you can mix the leathers so that parts of the exterior are pebbled and other areas are smooth, making for an interesting contrast. There are over ten traditional colors to choose from. The best seller is basic black, but there are also contemporary colors, such as wine, butter, and sea.

Most of Senreve’s handbags are intended for working professionals, but the company does offer evening and weekend styles, too. The weekender wraps around the waist, and there is a petite cross-body sachet. For a night on the town, grab a mini clutch, which has enough space for credit cards and incidentals. To make them shine, these clutches have gold-plated brass strips.

Women also expressed a desire for a better way to keep their handbags organized, so Senreve offers a credit card case and a passport carrier to allow these items to be more easily stored and retrieved.

Coral Chung has been involved with the fashion world at an international level. In her previous positions, she oversaw consumer branding, developed marketing strategies, and improved operations and workflows. Coral Chung pooled together her knowledge of big data, technology, and analysis to frame the business model of Senreve, which she co-founded in 2016.

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