Classy Pink Dress Style

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What girl doesn’t want a classy pink dress to wear on a night on the town or for whatever other reason she chooses? Bright pink is a color that cannot be ignored; it stands out in any outfit and goes well with all skin tones. When paired with other pink and black accessories, the classy pink dress style exudes good taste.

Hot Pink Gathered Bandeau Dress

Let’s start by looking at the star of this outfit: the gathered bandeau dress by Alexandre Vauthier. This design was created for the Spring/Summer 2020 fashion season. Some features that make this dress stand out, aside from its daring bright pink color, include a front wrap style that uses a twisted design to add a lined crisscrossing pattern. The dress is also strapless and has an asymmetric hem (making the dress longer on the right than the left). All of these elements help to make the dress chic.

Alexandre Vauthier Dress. BUY NOW!!!

Sparkling Stiletto Heels

Adding some sparkle to an outfit never hurt. Outside of jewelry, what better way to add some shine than with a pair of high heels? These 10cm heels by Jimmy Choo are made out of a variety of materials. The sold is made from leather, the lining from goat and lamb skin, and the outside made from suede. Lastly, crystal embellishments are added around the edges of the outside of the shoe and right above the heel.  These details make for one dazzling pair of shoes.


Black Leather Shoulder Bag

A stunning soft black leather purse pairs wonderfully with the black heels. The leather is striped in a diagonal pattern. The Yves Saint Laurent monogram lies in the center of the purse, showing off the name-brand. The purse is also fairly large, with an inside capacity of about 14 x 10 inches.

The strap of the purse adds extra flair. Most of the strap is made out of metal which adds some shine. However, the topmost part of the strap is made from black leather that matches the main body of the purse. This makes the purse both comfortable to wear and stylish as well.

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Diamond Cross Necklace

If you’re looking to add a little more sparkle but also love the look and symbolism of a cross, then look no further for a perfect accessory than this necklace by Bony Levy. Even though this necklace is silver in color, it is actually made from 18k white gold. The crystals are all real diamonds that add a stunning shimmer. The diamonds make the necklace both math wonderfully with the heels already mentioned, as well as the neck jewelry piece…

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Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Last up, and possibly the most impressive piece in this outfit, is the triple eternity ring from the Marissa Collection. This ring has a top and bottom layer of pure diamond with a large center made of a circle of pink emerald-cut sapphires. All of these gems are set in a platinum band with pieces of 18k rose gold. So, while this is a small ring, it is sure to draw a big crowd of people who can’t help but praise it—and the stylish lady wearing it.

Beverly-Hills-Magazine-Black -Pink-Sapphire-Diamond-Silver-Diamond-Rings-Jewelry-1
Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring. BUY NOW!!!

Final Thoughts

This classy outfit is a perfect look for any woman who wants to stand out at any formal event. The dashing bright pink dress paired with black leather and sparkling jewels is impossible to ignore, even in a crowd. So, the next time you want to stand out from the crowd, try on this outfit for size.


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