5 Tips For Choosing A Money Transfer App

5 Tips For Choosing A Money Transfer App
5 Tips For Choosing A Money Transfer App

Thanks to a massive advancement in technology and digital media, it is easy for everyone to transfer funds from one part of the world to the other. With a money transfer app, one can easily send money within a few minutes. However, choosing a particular app can be a very daunting task if you don’t have hands-on experience of using it before.

Here, in this article, we will guide you through a few factors, you must consider when choosing the best money transfer app:


When it comes to sending money overseas, “speed” is what occurs as the first thought in everyone’s mind. In severe cases, your family members might need emergency funds to pay for hospital bills of tuition fees. No wonder, the massive improvement in financial technology has enabled us all to transfer money within the blink of an eye. The best way to get an idea of the speed of a money transfer app online is to read testimonials. Reading customer reviews will give you a perspective on the time it takes for a particular money transfer app to send funds.

Transaction Costs

Every money transfer app has its charges. Seldom will you come across an app that transfers money for free. Although you will be entitled to a free app download from play store, sending money through it will entail some cost. Keep in mind, despite much growth in terms of the global financial market, the transaction costs continue to thrive. If you cannot afford to pay high transaction charges, it is best to compare several apps and then settle for the best one. Consult your family members and friends about a suitable money transfer app.


The biggest concern of any person who transfers money online is the safety of funds. If you settle for an unreliable app, you will potentially be putting a lot of money at risk. In severe cases, people often get conned and lose their money. So if you want to send money through a reliable transferring app, you can check over at Xpress-pay as they have secure digital wallet features that will allow you to access from any device, it is suggested that you read customer reviews online. Unless you are not confirmed about the veracity of a particular app, there is no reason to trust it.


Convenience should be of paramount importance when you look for a suitable app online. Your money transfer app should be as such that it allows the receiver to receive money in whatever way he/she is comfortable with. For instance, if you’re sending money in cash, the receiver should be able to receive it in their bank account or debit card. Furthermore, if you’re sending money through a mobile wallet, your receiver should be able to get it in the form of cash.

Customer Service

Not to forget, customer service is the king here. If you choose an app with poor customer service, you might not be able to navigate the process in the right way. Poor customer service is one of the leading reasons why a lot of companies don’t prosper in the commercial market. Because you’re dealing with money, you could easily engage in several issues online. This is why it is important for the customer service to be responsive.


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