Best Renovations To Make To Your Home

The Best Springtime Renovations to Make to Your Home #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #home #renovation #garden #patio
The Best Springtime Renovations to Make to Your Home #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #home #renovation #garden #patio

Are you thinking about making some home improvements? Contemplating some serious renovations? Perhaps you’ve decided now is the time to take on that project you’ve been putting off for weeks, months, or even years. If so, spring is the perfect season to see your plans come to fruition. (Image Credit: Anemone123/Pixabay)

Perhaps you’re making renovations with an eye on selling your property in the near future? If so, it could prove a sensible approach, with recent studies showing that improvements can add up to $50,000 onto the value of your home. And if you are looking to sell then spring is the best time to do so, with blooming flowers and warmer sunlight making for more attractive photographs on your listing.

However, you might be one of the increasing number of people renovating for their own purposes rather than to move, in which case it’s crucial that you complete the work entirely to your satisfaction. Of course, any home improvements will require an assessment of your financial picture before going ahead, and once you’re sorted on that front, here are examples of projects you might want to undertake.

Add an Extension

If you’re a bit cramped, perhaps you’re thinking about adding an extension to the side of your home. This could be in the form of a larger kitchen, a utility unit to free up more space elsewhere, or perhaps even a conservatory that can act as a second lounge. Whatever you decide, the improved conditions in spring mean the builders are less likely to encounter weather-related delays.

Garden Landscaping

As we leave the cold snap of winter behind, spring is an ideal time to get your teeth into some outdoor projects. You might want to install some decking, design some fresh flowerbeds, or even create a patio space where you can enjoy an alfresco meal in the evening.

Install New Doors and Windows

With the worst of the weather behind you, fitting new windows and doors are best done in warm, dry conditions. If yours are single-pane or are looking tired, they could be allowing significant amounts of heat to escape the house, which in turn can lead to costly bills. Installing modern doors and windows in Ontario will not only look tidier, but they’ll vastly improve your energy efficiency as well. Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Optimal While you’re at it it’s important to maintain your AC. Air conditioners go out all the time, and usually, when you figure out it’s broken, it’s incredibly inconvenient. You should have someone come out and inspect your entire unit to make sure everything is working properly. Take this time to also replace any filters. It’s much cheaper to maintain an AC unit than it is to fix it once it breaks, so get ahead of it just to be sure.

Loft Conversion Renovations

A lot of us use our attics for storage, but by having a clear-out you might find it has the potential to become an extra room in the house. The springtime weather will give you the chance to correct any leaks in the roof, and then you can set about converting the loft into another bedroom, study, or even a game room for the kids.

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