Celebrity Diets by ZEN Foods

ZEN Foods ~ Celebrity Diets
ZEN Foods ~ Celebrity Diets

More than living up to its name, Z.E.N. Foods (Zero Effort Nutrition) Foods (www.zenfoods.com) has done what so many delivery services and packed food products have been unable to do over the years – provide weight-conscious consumers with fine dishes and diverse programs so deliciously satisfying that dieting will feel like a treat instead of a punishment. Best of all, Z.E.N. Foods has gone to  extraordinary lengths to ensure that its dishes are fresh, tasty and nutritious enough not only to satisfy even the most discerning individual or family, but to help them eat healthy for months, for years and even for life.

Founded by President and CEO Mariana Rossano, whose distinguished background includes helping lead the pioneering Zone Gourmet and Fresh Dining national healthy food delivery services, Z.E.N. Foods offers home delivery service from San Diego to Santa Barbara – making enjoying gourmet fresh and healthy food more fulfilling and infinitely more convenient and cost-effective than ever. Indeed, so varied and appealing are the company’s dishes and programs that they are being enjoyed not only by dieters and nutrition-conscious individuals, but by mainstream consumers (including entire families) and busy workers looking for alternatives to boring bagged sandwiches and fattening vendor machine snacks as well.

Celebrity Diets by ZEN Foods

Convinced the only practical recipe for long-term weight loss and maintenance entails delectable, portion-controlled foods containing healthy carbohydrates, mono-unsaturated fats and lean proteins, Z.E.N. Foods lets each clients select or create the effort-free program that’s right for them. The company’s chef, dieticians and nutritionists then carefully select the protein sources, fruits and vegetables – all seasoned   to perfection – that are most likely to help individuals pursue and accomplish their optimal weight and health goals.

 Key to Z.E.N. Foods’ rapidly-growing popularity, as noted, is the unparalleled variety of its programs and menu options. While other delivery services offer clients a range of dishes that would barely fill a Post-It note, much less a dinner table, Z.E.N. Foods has enough options to make certain that when it comes to gourmet cuisine week in and week out, there’s quite literally no place like home. And in addition to the various programs below, Z.E.N. Foods also offers a juice cleanse program powered by its very own juice brand – Pure Pressed (soon to be available in retail stores – details to come).

 Among Z.E.N. Foods’ special diet programs (available in gluten-free, vegetarian and low sodium varieties):

  • The Z.E.N. Weight Loss Program helps clients lose weight by controlling their caloric intake, stabilizing their blood sugar, and decreasing their cholesterol levels. All meals are rich in antioxidants and contain no trans-fats – boosting both weight reduction and energy.
  • The Z.E.N. 5:2 diet, also known as Intermittent fasting, is based on the work of leading scientists from around the world and clinically proven to be a healthy plan for rapid weight loss. The program encourages people to follow a normal diet five days a week and then cut their calorie intake to roughly a quarter of daily recommended calories two days a week. All meals are customized, precisely calculated, freshly cooked and conveniently delivered at home.
  • The Z.E.N. Classic program provides nutritiously balanced meals designed to help clients maintain their existing healthy lifestyles – much like having one’s own private chef and nutritionist. Created to help consumers manage a healthy weight, stabilize their blood sugar, and decrease their cholesterol levels, Z.E.N. Classic meals are rich in antioxidants and contain no trans-fats.
  • The Z.E.N. Vegetarian Select Menu was created specifically to provide clients with well-planned, nutritious meals that are plant based and are chock full of fiber, protective phyto-nutrients and the anti-inflammatory ingredients key to maintaining a healthy and balanced vegetarian program.
    Options include vitamin-enriched veggies, fruits, healthy nuts, legumes, and fiber rich grains.
  • The Z.E.N. Family Dinner Program offers healthy delicious meals at affordable prices that are perfect for busy families yearning to spend precious time together instead of scrambling to shop for, prepare and clean up after a typical home-cooked meal.

Celebrity Diets by ZEN Foods

 Dishes offered in the aforementioned Programs are crafted to appeal to the widest possible range of taste preferences, nutrition needs and dietary restrictions. Within a week, for example, clients can indulge in everything from Filet Mignon with Creamy Butternut Squash & Asparagus to Chicken Burger with BBQ Sauce and Grilled Pineapple to Chicken Tikka Masala with Brown Rice, Dahl, and Mango Chutney – as well as equally diverse and satisfying desserts and much more.

 When placing an order, Z.E.N. Foods clients may specify the days of the week they would like to receive meal deliveries (or can request daily delivery). Top-quality Z.E.N. cooler bags contain breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, along with a snack and dessert.

Among loyal Z.E.N. Foods devotees are a number of celebrities, including Zac Efron, Emmy-nominated “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who says “With the help of Z.E.N Foods I was able to continue eating healthy delicious meals even when my schedule became extremely busy. Adds actress Lisa Rinna, “Z.E.N. Pure Pressed Juice is so fabulous, I wish I owned the company! That’s how much I love it!”

Perhaps CEO Mariana Rossana puts it best, however: “We at Z.E.N. Foods believe in eating clean and living lean. With Chef Janssen at the helm, we are committed to not only meeting the needs and pleasing the palettes of our clients, but to helping them at long last find a balance between taste and nutrition that will help them eat right for life.”


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