Celebrities’ Secrets to an Extreme Weight Loss

Celebrities' Secrets to an Extreme Weight Loss #health #diet #fitness

Being able to lose weight healthily and safely is the albatross most people carry around their necks for large portions of their life, woefully. Yo-yo, dieting, and the mercurial nature of our bodies – and the scale – make things incredibly difficult. While there is no magic bullet to quick weight loss and being able to maintain it, there are a few tried and true tips and tricks you can use to help facilitate the process. Celebrities, even the arbiters of the latest dieting fads, tend to have an inkling or two about the best ways to go about this and achieve a pleasant equilibrium when it comes to their weight loss goals. (Image Credits: Drobotdean/Freepik)

If you’re curious to learn a few secret tips, then read on for more information. 

The Lemon Detox Diet

This diet has been around for over three decades, and it is an open secret throughout Hollywood that most celebrities go back to this detox from time to time to get trim before a major event. Most people know it by its more popular name, the master cleanse. The master cleanse encompasses a primarily liquid-only diet. But it can be a bit difficult to stick to since it’s such a shock to the system. What helps is gradually easing into it over the course of a few days.

The first two days entail cutting out simple carbs like bread and sugars and processed foods. You will also need to eliminate meat, alcohol, dairy, and caffeine. The focus is primarily on eating whole foods that are raw with a special emphasis on vegetables and fresh fruits. The third day is when you’d start getting into a purely liquid diet. Drink smoothies and broths and pureed soups. And let’s not forget the fresh juice.

The fourth day gets even more intense. You’d drink water only, fresh orange juice, and a dash of maple syrup. This keeps your blood sugars at an okay level. Only on day 5 would you start the master cleanse itself. This entails drinking a beverage made of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water. You drink this constantly whenever you’re hungry, and maintain the diet as a whole from ten to even forty days. Although, due to its extreme nature, it is truly not advisable to embark on this infamous diet without getting proper medical supervision. Also, please note that there is a specific process to gradually step out of the detox. This must be followed to a “t” in order to avoid rapid weight gain or any other adverse effects.

Bariatric Surgery

You probably know all about this surgery, which is also more commonly referred to as gastric bypass surgery. Many celebrities have had this procedure done.  This operation entails helping people lose weight by changing your system from the inside out – specifically, the digestive system. Bariatric surgery means making your stomach physically smaller, which will train you to eat even less over time since you will feel full sooner. This is one treatment that may seem a bit difficult, but many well-known people seek it out since it has proven to help get rid of very stubborn weight that especially afflicts those who are more heavyset than others.

Having a slow metabolism is detrimental to any weight loss effort, and sometimes, it may require a more invasive procedure. On the flip side, experts at the Tijuana Bariatric Center know that the most successful surgery is not a one and done matter, but rather, the best results are those that provide a personalized solution for patients. The most effective surgical procedures in the long term are those which allow the patient to benefit from a tailor-made treatment plan. Procedures that offer plenty of support well after the operation itself. So, while this may seem to be a cut and dry solution, it actually requires continued maintenance and supervision, especially by a caring coterie of medical professionals. 

Smaller Changes

Many of the other tips celebrities would often share about their weight loss journeys is an amalgam of different ways to “trick” their brains into thinking they are eating more than they really are. For example, one popular tactic is to always order a salad with your meal and start with the salad first to help you feel full. Or, ordering appetizers instead of one major course, and avoiding the breadbasket. Also, alcohol is a no-go, instead, guzzle plenty of water. And, writing down every morsel that passes their lips is a big go-to. 

Celebrities on the surface seem to have won the genetic lottery. Yet, this is really just a lot of smoke and mirrors. They have the same struggles as the vast majority of us but have different tools and resources at their disposal to help make the best of things. Some of their tactics can go well beyond the means of many, but there are a few simple things you can try to give yourself an extra advantage. 

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