2 Mango Sisters: All-Natural Vegan Hair Products

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Many women with African heritages have troubles finding hair care products that work well with thick and curly hair. Two parents, Jane and Ed Harris, were inspired to make all-natural vegan hair care products because of their daughter’s (Emma and Ellea) hair care needs. Jane Harris has previous experience working with hair and hair care products, as she is the owner of The Virgin Hair Fantasy, a glueless wig brand. Now, she sells her family’s 2 Mango Sisters hair care products alongside her wigs. And yes, as the name implies, the hair care products all have a delightful mango scent! (Image Credits: The Virgin Hair Fantasy)


Hair Softener

Up first is the 2 Mango Sisters hair softener. You can choose to use this product like you would use any other hair softer or as you would use a leave-in conditioner. Alongside natural hair, you can also use this on extensions and wigs made from human hair. There are a variety of natural plant-based oils that work to soften the hair and leave it smelling great. If you use this product often enough, you will also see added benefits, such as shiny and soft hair and faster hair growth.


Hair Cleanser

If you have curly hair that seems unmanageable most days, then this hair cleanser will be perfect for you. It should be noted that hair cleansers are not the same things as shampoo, but instead they are more closely related to micellers. Along with being vegan, both Brazil nut and maraca oils are used to enhance curls and to keep hair shiny and bouncy. As a bonus, it is also paraben and sulfate-free!


Hair Conditioner

This lightweight polymer conditioner is used like any other conditioner you might buy. Use it after your shampoo, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then rinse it out. However, it works much better than the average conditioner. This is because the conditioner is enhanced with Amazon oil. This helps to make hair shinier and bouncier. It also helps to make hair easier to untangle, which can make curls easier to manage as well. 


Moisturizing Oil

Last but not least, is the 2 Mango Sisters moisturizing oil. Use this either after showering or when your hair needs an extra boost of shine. Massage it into the hair to thoroughly get it everywhere it needs to be. As with the other 2 Mango Sisters products, the moisturizing oil contains a variety of natural plant-based oils that help to boost hair growth and make hair shiny, soft, shiny, and bouncy! 

Beverly-Hills-Magazine-2-Mango-Sisters-Hair-Care-Beauty-Moisturizing-OilWhere to Buy and Contact Information

If you are looking for all-natural vegan hair care products for thick and curly hair, then the 2 Mango Sisters hair care products could be a perfect fit for you. The products all work on natural hair and wigs, so you can’t go wrong! If you want to buy any of the products listed in this article, check out the 2 Mango Sisters products here. You can also stay up to date with everything the brand does by following them on Instagram @2mangosisters.  

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