Car Modification? Is it Still a Thing

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Car modification has been a term in the dictionaries of automotive-enthusiasts, since the inception of the cars. Humans, typically the ones that are never satisfied with the original piece of work, gave birth to this concept. Modification is a very wide term, but it all started with the thirst for more power when the standard aluminum engine block wasn’t generating enough ponies to satisfy the “Fast and the Furious” imitation in real life. Beefy engines in small vehicles that smoked the roads straight from the start line is one of the most common examples. The culture of modification can also be trademarked as the birth of illegal street racing and many other competitions that suited the petrol heads and their budding passion for cars.

In no time, these modifications also concentrated on being unique, matching the cars to the personalities of the owner, both from the skin and under the hood stuff. To be unique, the owners still spend the amount equal to the car’s stock price, and even several times the price tag. From race-cars to low-riders, to ugly mods made to blow out minds on the straights, to something straight out of a movie set, the car modification has infinite categories, and hardly any that won’t have the enthusiasts turn head or shout out in awe.

In the present time, both speed and exclusive appeal have importance in the car modification culture. While millionaires and billionaires opt to be a spendthrift, book a Bentley or Roll-Royce and have numerous bespoke options and stand out of the crowd. But for the common man, the real meaning of the term “modification” has meant to get their own hands dirty, plan out a list of aftermarket parts, to their daily-drives, and the meanest sounds or looks for a cheaper, affordable price. Of course, the novices turn their heads to professionals in these scenarios.

More often, gushing out more horses from the same, boring stock engine, has many ways. Forced induction internals, and pushing more of the air-fuel mix, well what can go wrong?

Sometimes, these modifications are the results of getting the hands to the ECU or the brain of the car and trying an easier way to boost out more power. This risky method has always invited shortcomings like engine seizures and breakdowns. While the thirst for “Mowe Powwah Babeh” has been the keen interest of these kids, sometimes customizing the ride height, or the exterior appearance is all that makes them smile.

Even adding unnecessary aero-kits which are easy, less time-consuming mods, that have next to the little risk of blowing off the engine is desirable. Fake spoilers, noisy aftermarket exhausts, hood scoops, aggressive front fascia, and the list is endless. Wrapping cars with extraordinary colors, or even reflective skins, and also the neon ones, are still very popular and rather common. From original Tesla wraps and PPF to custom work, they completely change the appearance of any vehicle and give it an original touch. While low-riders, where people would love to scratch their under-body chassis, coupled with adjustable suspension heights, seem to be disappearing, yet had contributed a lot to the car-modification culture.

Most popular car modifications have started as a factory production car, Japanese brands are always the favorites of these bandits. Names like Honda, Toyota, Nissan are some names, that are repetitive even on a 5-year old kid’s mouth, since they are born and fancy these admirable machines. Dream cars like Nissan 370z, Toyota Supra, Wuling Baojun 310, and Honda Civic, have been on this planet long enough and various generations have pleased automotive lovers from time to time. Let’s take our favorite, Honda Civic, for example here, more than eleven generations, various body styles namely, sedans, hatchbacks, and coupes have been the first choice. They are easily available, cheap, and are potent with various aftermarket equipment.

The current generation Honda Civic is also available in sedan, hatchback, and coupe body style; each being an individual blend of sportiness and practicality. The 2020 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback, the middle-spec trim of the Sport Touring lineup is the most demanding hatchback in the Civic lineup.

One of the favorite candidates of modifications, well even if not, this has been the popular choice of our team, that will be a perfect production vehicle for coolest and meanest modifications. Without any radical comments, the 2020 Honda Civic Sport hatchback has gained enough popularity, much of which is credited to its performance variant, the Civic Type-R hatchback. The 2020 Honda Civic hatchback specs sheet goes as followed, a 1.5L Turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine that churned out 180-hp and 177 lb-ft of torque, Front-wheel drive, and most importantly, a 6-speed manual transmission. With a robust build quality and versatile chassis, the 2020 Honda Civic Sport hatchback has every meticulous detail to own and be modified. The Type-R sibling is more performance-biased and has more horses, a stylish rear spoiler, and racing sport seats with red-seat belts. But sometimes these details aren’t enough. So the Civic Sport hatchback is the perfect ground to start and customize a ridiculous machine, more capable and stunning than a factory-produced Type-R hatchback.

Is it enough to answer the question “ Is car modification still a thing”? It’s hard to debate, with many manufacturers now offering performance models of their typical cars. But that won’t take away the craze, that the era of the highly modified cars, running on the streets, that made small kids crazy enough to build and own one of these sassy machines. It’s funny, how a daily driver’s car, like the 2020 Honda Civic Sport hatchback, loaded with amenities and track-inspired appeal, could make for a perfect base for customization. There are infinite iterations to have this common car, make something so exceptional, that it is unforgettable for all eyes, that see it rolling down a street so slow, or eating miles in seconds. There are millions of cars, like the Civic Sport hatchback, which are already eye-candy to the enthusiasts, waiting to gear-up in a closed garage and roll-out in style, with popping and cracking exhaust notes.

To conclude, in total denial, that car modes are yet centuries away from extinction. Even in the present times, there are still car-guys, roaming around like hungry foxes, looking for a perfect project car in streets or even peeking in the neighborhoods. Or even those innocent souls, that pay the price for a cheap, ordinary car, just like our favorite, the 2020 Honda Civic Sport hatchback, push it to its limits and beyond with aftermarket parts. Thus competing for these sleepers, to the hefty price tags supercars, standing just next to them on a spotlight, flaunting their fiery V8, but when the signal goes green, everyone knows, it’s the deceiving, stock-appearing family-sedan hiding a beefy engine under the hood, to thrash the rich boy’s ride. PS: Another Fast and Furious reference

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