Bucket List Travel Experiences

Bucket List Travel Experiences
Bucket List Travel Experiences

A bucket list experience is no longer deemed just for the very old or the end of life journey.  Today it represents a wishful list of exciting once in a lifetime dream travel destinations or experiences that can become reality.  In reviewing current traveling trends in the luxury travel market sector, the bucket list is the focal point of vacations.  A bucket list experience can be romantic; centered on a marriage proposal at a particular 17th century castle in England with a well-known musical artist serenading the betrothed couple, or it can be sports-oriented by embarking on a one of a kind adventurous travel expedition to Antarctica.


For others vacations are focused on annual high ticketed events such as the Sundance Film Festival and Met Gala.  It can be a one-off experience created with a sense of purpose utilizing a theme such as historic reenactments of “Downtown Abbey”; “Gone with the Wind” complete with period costumes, horse-drawn carriages and no high tech equipment thereby securing a more authentic feel to another century in time. A James Bond adrenaline pumping excursion allows guests to partake in their own sea or air stunts culminated with a suggested script reflecting a heist or “00” mission.

Gastronomy continues to play an integral part of any planned vacation and often is the sole reason whether it’s enjoying the wine route through the Rioja region or experiencing a culinary course hosted by a Michelin star chef followed by a one-on-one experience learning the harvest process in the vineyards of Burgundy and Bordeaux.


Mega Yachts

Everyone from Beyoncé to Leonardo DiCaprio are chartering mega yachts in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.  Mega yachts are considered to be a primary travel destination for the ultra-high net worth who either utilize the yacht as a means to travel from one area to another or as a total spa vacation in which catered chefs prepare fresh gourmet meals from the local markets, champagne is chilled and served while the massage therapist prepares guests for a daily holistic treatment all amidst the wide open air and vast beauty of the high seas.

 Villas and Castles

More and more travelers want to embrace the local culture and feel the history of a town or country and therefore, it is not unusual for them to rent villas, chateaus and castles.   Price ranges vary based on amenities, the actual conditions of the structure, and its location.  An historic landmark could provide its own destination vacation if it is located near a wine route or UNESCO site.

 Unusual Accommodations

It would be unfair to not give igloos, underwater hotels, and treetop hotels their own quirky category as unusual accommodations often adapt to their natural environment and are not necessarily for everyone, but certainly give visitors a different perspective when traveling.  People have become more eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, and are interested in the balance of nature.  Lastly, if none of these accommodations sound appealing, travelers have the option to have their own “pop up” hotel which enables them to come and go and pack up as they please.

Ice Hotel in Canada
Ice Hotel in Canada

If any of these bucket list vacation ideas sound like something you want to experience, contact Victoria Hoffman, the founder and CEO of the Miami-based Concierge & Events by Victoria. Hoffman has become the go-to for her long list of wealthy clients who want more than just a hut on a beach in the middle of nowhere. Hoffman’s clientele are the ones asking for what might be called the Bucket-list experiences, requests that can range from: dinner with a movie star, a game of football with a hall of famer, a deep-sea excursion with a famous oceanographer and certainly many more.

 Hoffman grants those wishes, she is that rare entrepreneur and a bit of an adventurer herself who leads the charge into the most exotic locales tasting directly from the casks in wine cellars in France, or going one on one with a boxing legend. This is the reason why she is about to launch a new company, LuxePass, a passport to luxury. Hoffman has the confidence and the connections  to get her clients backstage, behind the scenes or sitting next to, just about anyone, anywhere.

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