Beverly Hills: Things To Do During Fall

Fun Things To Do in Beverly Hills During Fall
Fun Things To Do in Beverly Hills During Fall

Famed for shopping and celebrity sight-seeing, Beverly Hills is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Exploring its great outdoors can be one refreshing way to recharging your proverbial batteries and alleviate stress. A good combination of fun and exercise is often the best medicine for those struggling with stress or depression, but many people in Beverly Hills feel constrained by the hustle and bustle that surrounds them.

Even within a densely-populated area like the Hills, there are plenty of outdoor activities you can find in close proximity. Whether you want to take in some fresh air or be physically active, we’ve put together a list of some outdoor activities you should try in Beverly Hills during the fall weather.

Find Your Inner (Outdoor) Sport

With the natural temperate climate of Beverly Hills accentuated even more so during the fall months, now is the time to enjoy the great outdoors. Many people are finding relaxation and entertainment by heading to one of the nearby sports areas in and around Beverly Hills.

With both indoor and outdoor options available locally, you can choose to play some basketball, get in a bit of jogging and enjoy the cooler temperatures all at once. Whether you choose to pick up some gear for the great outdoors (check out for a selection of everything you need) or just throw on some shorts and hit the court, there are plenty of venues to have fun in Beverly Hills.

Check Out Rodeo Drive

Iconic and legendary, Rodeo Drive attracts countless tourists and shoppers every year. Whether you want to shop for some of the latest high-end fashion ensembles or just take in the sights and sounds, this neighborhood can be one great locale to traverse while looking for some outdoor fun.

Great for stretching your legs and doing some window-shopping, Rodeo Drive gives you the elegance of Beverly Hills coupled with the ability to move about freely outdoors without having to leave the city.

Greystone Mansion Beverly HillsGreystone Mansion and Park

Just off Sunset Boulevard is the largest private residence in the city. The Greystone Mansion and Park give guests a feeling of seclusion without having to leave Beverly Hills. Inside, you’ll find beautifully-curated gardens that can provide hours of strolling about without boredom.

Many people love to use this facility for special events due to its ample outdoor space, koi ponds, plenty of walking trails and beautiful views.

Coldwater Canyon Park

If you truly want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then shortly outside of Beverly Hills’ main thoroughfares is the Coldwater Canyon Park. With a big playground for the kids, expansive walking and biking trails, great views of the surrounding hills and cities and perfect spots for picnicking, you’ll find an opportunity for virtually any outdoor activity here.

With the feel of a quintessential public park but the outdoor space of a national park, you’ll be able to let loose and enjoy the fall months of Mother Nature in peace and quiet here.

Beverly Hills may feel loud, noisy and filled with interior spaces, but there are still plenty of outdoor adventures and activities to enjoy. Whether you prefer the feel of the hills or a stroll down the street, finding entertainment, exercise and even relaxation in the fall isn’t hard to do.

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