Beauty, Business, and Blonde: Simona Fusco

Beauty, Business, and Blonde: Simona Fusco
Beauty, Business, and Blonde: Simona Fusco

Introducing the blonde and beautiful business woman Simona Fusco, who has proven that women are capable of anything they put their minds to. Simona was born in Milan, Italy, the fashion mecca of the world. In just a few short years, Simona made a name for herself as a model by being discovered by the late, legendary Jay Bernstein.  She continued on her path to success, and it wasn’t just her beauty but her brains that has allowed Simona to grow into a successful multi-corporation entrepreneur who is now leading the way for other women.

Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, presented and honored Simona among other honorees, dignitaries and royalty, with a “Global Excellence Award in Women’s Entrepreneurship.” She was recognized for being a “Prominent Businesswoman” and “World-Renowned Entrepreneur” of 2012 for her business achievements as head of her company, Perfect 12 Introductions. Perfect 12 is an executive matchmaking and personal search firm based in Beverly Hills, CA.

Beverly Hills Magazine : What’s your best advice for attracting love?

Simona Fusco: Be genuine. If you’re not showing who you truly are from the beginning, then later you do show your true colors, the relationship has a high probability of failure.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What’s your best advice for keeping love?

Simona Fusco: Be honest and trustworthy. Relationships are very difficult; you need to work on it every day to keep it fresh and alive. People often become lazy and take their partner for granted,  and if that happens you can easily fall out of love. Little things like, “I really appreciate you doing this for me” statements can make a big difference. Take interest in each other and always keep the communication alive.

Always driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Simona opened her online clothing boutique “Style by Simona Fusco” in 2015. Her designs are meant to foster boss babes wanting sophisticated, trendy styles at affordable prices.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your definition of style?

Simona Fusco: I believe you can be classy and sophisticated, while still being sexy.

Simona recently added film producing to her Hollywood credentials with the movie “Beverly Hills Christmas,” which starred Dean Cain. It aired throughout the 2015 holiday season.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your opinion of Hollywood?

Simona Fusco: I was married to a big legend in Hollywood. Hollywood is very empty and superficial. People get caught up in it, and they lose their morals and substance for the sake of being famous. I think it’s very sad. People come from all over the world, and they’re exposed to a lot of temptation, and it’s easy to get sucked into it, without any grounding. Most people get used up and spit out by Hollywood. I think Hollywood is a very negative and ugly influence on our youth and people watch these shows and its gives a false impression about what is beautiful. It’s superficiality at its best.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  What advice would you give other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Simona Fusco: When at first you don’t succeed, most people will give up or feel like a failure, but you shouldn’t. Sometimes you don’t have to adjust the goals, but rather adjust your actions and your plan, in order to reach the goal. Don’t give up and don’t listen to people who might be envious. Listen to your intuition…It’s always right.

Last year, Simona founded The Maria Gruber Foundation. Founded upon personal tragedy, the mission of the Maria Gruber Foundation is to create the educational tools designed to help parents, children, and loved ones affected by terminal cancer.

From a career as a young professional model, to a grown up, beautiful business woman with many notable achievements, Simona Fusco is the epitome of the modern woman’s picture of success. Smart, independent, and business minded, she proves that with hard work and a lot of heart, you really can have it all.

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